Five stages of grape pest control

The first stage of dormancy is until bud germination. During the dormant period, the clear gardens were cut off and dead branches and stagnant fruits were cut off. The leaves were cleaned up and burned or buried deeply to reduce the sources of overwintering. The germination period sprayed 1 time 3° Be lime sulfur additive and 0.2%~0.3% organic silicon agricultural additives to eliminate the source of overwintering.
The second stage shoot growth period before flowering. Spray 1:0.5:200 times Bordeaux mixture to prevent blackpox and gray mold from damaging young leaves, shoots and inflorescences.
After the third stage of flowering until the early stage of fruit coloring. After flowering, spray 1 or 2 times 3000 times faster to kill and kill the liquid to prevent damage to young shoots of grape larvae. 10:15:200 times Bordeaux mixture or 1000 times 70% thiophanate-methyl solution is alternately sprayed every 10-15 days. Triazole bactericide and methoxy acrylate fungicide can also be used to prevent blackpox and white. Rot, anthrax, etc. When there is more rain and cold weather in the pre-growth stage, downy mildew can also be sprayed 800 times 25% metalaxyl fluid in the leaves, and it can be treated with dimethomorph in the early stage of disease. If 25% of the imidacloprid is sprayed before and after flowering, 2000 times to prevent and control. In the middle and late June, when the size of soybeans was size, bagging was used to prevent fruit diseases and insect pests.
The fourth phase of the fruit coloring period to the fruit maturity. Artificial killing and control of larvae of hornworm. Spray 1:1:200 times Bordeaux mixture to prevent downy mildew, anthrax, gray mold, white rot and so on.
The fifth stage of fruit harvest period to dormancy. The second generation of larvae of hawkmoths can kill 3000 grams of liquid venom when it is harmful. In the fall and rainy days, it is important to control downy mildew and spray 1:1:200 Bordeaux mixture.

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