How to maintain a submersible pump

First, check the wearing parts: first check the pump impeller, retaining ring, bushings, bearing seats and other consumables are intact. If it is good, it can be used continuously. If it is bad, it must be reassembled after replacing the new qualified parts. It is forbidden to use damaged and unqualified parts.

Second, the replacement of lubricating oil: Open the oil hole screw in the seal chamber and the motor, respectively, to release all the lubricating oil in the sealed room and the motor, replace the new oil to ensure the normal operation of the lubricating system.

Third, to ensure that the seal: When replacing the oil in the sealed room, if you find the oil is muddy and the water content has exceeded the standard, you must replace the whole seal box or dynamic and static seal ring, the replacement parts must be qualified products to ensure its sealing performance.

Fourth, to remove the moisture: For motor windings with insulation resistance less than 0.5 megohms, we must drive off the moisture, and the drying method is the same as the general motor. If the seal box does not need to be replaced, only the stator part of the electric pump can be removed. Under normal circumstances, the seal box part should not be dismantled as much as possible. If it is really necessary to disassemble, the “O” rubber seal ring must be replaced with new ones. .

Fifth, check the bearings: check the motor part of the upper and lower bearings, if it is found that the wear or clearance is too large, you must replace the new bearings in time, is strictly prohibited make do with, so as not to cause greater economic losses.

Sixth, remove the pump shell against rust: spring before use, should open the top of the pump casing, turn the impeller and then start after closing, to prevent parts from rusting can not start properly and burn the motor windings, the maintenance of water-filled Electric motors are particularly important.

VII. Ensure bearing lubrication: For submersible pumps with flooded water, the skeleton oil seal and lithium grease of the upper and lower end cap bearing chambers should be inspected to ensure the normal operation of the bearings under good lubrication conditions for a long time.

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