Women have breast fibroids do not worry!

Breast fibroma is a common type of breast tumour in women. It is more common in ovarian function, with high-grade age ranging from 20 to 25 years old. Breast fibroids often occur in the upper quadrant of the breast. About 75% of the breast fibroids are single, often in the census. Found.

Breast fibroids are round or oval, smooth surface, clear boundary with the surrounding tissue, a sense of encapsulation,

Easy to push. Breast fibroids increase slowly, in the gestational or breast-feeding period due to the influence of estrogen can make the tumor grow rapidly, the menstrual cycle has no effect on the size of breast fibroids.

Breast fibroma is the most common benign breast tumor and occurs in women of childbearing age between the ages of 20 and 39. This is because women of this age have strong ovarian function and sex hormones are active. It is generally believed that the production of breast fibroids is related to the stimulation of estrogen. Since some people's breast tissue is sensitive to estrogen, the estrogen stimulates the proliferation of breast epithelial tissue and fibrous tissue to varying degrees. We call it It is fibroadenoma. Breast fibroids are mostly benign, and they are usually seen in more than one case. There are also multiple cases. Usually, the patient can feel no pain because it is painless or has only slight pain and dull pain. This pain and size is not related to the menstrual cycle. The masses grow slowly and have a smooth surface. Because there is a layer of coating on the outside of the tumor, the boundary with the surrounding tissue is clear, and the toughness is also better. In the case of pregnancy or breast-feeding, the mass increases significantly.

Breast fibroids are benign tumors with a low risk of cancer. Surgical resection is the only treatment. The resection of tumors should be performed routinely. Because pregnancy can make breast fibroids increase, breast fibroids found before and after pregnancy are generally promptly removed.

How long is the treatment of breast fibroids? Is it a long breast fibroid surgery? Director Zhang said: Now doctors who have found breast fibroids in clinical practice will recommend surgical treatment, especially for some women who are not fertile, because the effects of hormones may increase rapidly after pregnancy or during lactation. In fact, this is only a minimally invasive surgery. The incision is generally selected at the edge of the areola. After healing, it is basically invisible. It can be immediately sent to the patient for final diagnosis. However, the tumor was removed surgically, but if it did not change the basis it still does not work, there is the danger of recurrence, so many patients need to take medication after surgery. Drugs can be used in Chinese medicine as well as Western medicine. Renai Hospital's Chinese medicine department is also experienced in regulating endocrine secretion.

Experts advise: Menopause, if you touch the breast, you should immediately go to the hospital for treatment, because after the decline of ovarian function, estrogen secretion gradually decreased, especially after menopause, breast fibroids are rare, you need a high degree of suspicion of breast cancer may.

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