Tea garden management after spring tea picking

After the spring tea was picked, a lot of nutrients were consumed in the tea tree, and the soil fertility of the tea garden was reduced. Because the tea picker repeatedly stepped on the plate, the growth of the tea tree was affected. In order to ensure the quality and quality of spring tea in the coming year, the management of tea gardens should be strengthened as soon as possible after the end of the spring tea, and the following work should be done:

1. Shallow tillage and remove weeds

After the spring tea is over, it is generally necessary to carry out proper shallow tillage. The depth of loose soil is appropriated from 10cm to 15cm, and stones, weeds, etc. are excavated, and the soil blocks are broken to loosen the soil and accelerate the ripening of the soil. After the shallow ploughing, the surface of the soil is covered with sod or hay, which can preserve water, protect soil, prevent the growth of weeds, and use for loam.

2. Fertilize or fertilize

After spring tea, it is advisable to apply the top dressing sooner, especially after the spring tea is carried out on Taiwan Liu and the pruned tea garden must be carried out immediately after the trimming of Liu and trimming. The general production of tea gardens is mainly based on nitrogen fertilizer, applying 15 kg-30 kg of urea per acre. In addition to urea, the reformed tea gardens in Taiwan or heavy pruning should be supplemented with organic fertilizers, such as rapeseed cakes and commodity organic fertilizers. When fertilizing in the trenches, a small ditch with a depth of about 10cm is to be excavated between the rows of tea and the soil is reconstituted immediately after the fertilizer is applied.

3 . Stationary and pruning

In the tea gardens where the summer and autumn teas are picked, the tea trees need to be lightly trimmed. Under the premise of keeping the crown of the upper part of the canopy to expand the crown, the chicken claws, the dense branches, the leggy branches, the cluster branches, the dead branches, the pests and diseases branches should be cut off. Trim length is 1-2cm for lateral branches, 2-3cm for trunk and main branches. Adult tea gardens that do not pick summer and autumn tea can be deeply pruned and cultivate treetop vigor. The tea gardens that have entered the aging period or the tea gardens where the long-term declining tree vigor has declined will need to be teased or severely trimmed to restore the tea plantation production.

4. Pest control

In the later period of spring tea, the weather entered the period of high temperature and humidity, tea plant diseases and insect pests also began to be active, and the forecast of pests and diseases should be done so as to prevent tea pests from occurring in a timely, accurate, economic and effective manner.

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