Winter jujube can also be bagged

In recent years, we have successfully tested the technique of winter jujube fruit bagging. The production of big jujube, crispy meat, bright fruit surface, low disease and fruit rate, and no cracking, berry, and fruit shrinkage. Now we introduce our approach as follows:

First, bagging advantages

1, reducing the amount of pesticide residues. Winter jujube bagging can reduce pests and diseases, especially in the case of blind stink bugs. At the same time, the number of sprayings is reduced, which not only saves costs, but also greatly reduces the amount of pesticide residues.

2, significant increase in production. According to experiments, the average yield per plant of a 5-year-old planted bag is 18 kilograms, and the same-age winter jujube tree that is not bagged has an average yield of 15 kilograms per plant under the same management measures.

3, jujube fruit uniform, single fruit weight increased. After bagging, the jujube grows quickly and the fruit is uniform. The average fruit weight is 20 grams. The average fruit weight of winter jujube not bagged is 12.5 grams.

4, increase the brightness of the fruit. Bagging winter jujube surface is bright, tender and tender, crisp and sweet, but not bagging winter jujube flesh light green, fluffy, dark color.

5, no crack, no fruit. Bagging winter jujube does not crack fruit before it rains, especially when it encounters strong wind and rain before harvesting. Winter jujube can not be scraped under the protection of membrane bags, without cracking or shrinking fruit.

6, postponed maturity. Tests have shown that bagging winter jujube is less mature than bagging winter jujube for about 10 days.

Second, supporting technical measures

1, fertilizer and water management. Adding organic fertilizer, applying soil testing and formulating fertilization, supplying nitrogen and phosphate in the early stage, adding phosphorus and potassium fertilizer and trace element fertilizer in the later stage, timely watering and controlling water.

2, fine trim. During winter cutting, the dense branches, thin and weak branches, disease and insect branches, and aging branches were removed, and the branches and branches were updated in time to improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions of the internal hemorrhoids, so that the proportion of healthy and jujube stocks was over 80%. Summer shear starts from the bud stage, and wipes buds, picks hearts, pulls branches, girdling and other techniques, so that the tree growth is balanced, ventilation and light transmission, in order to improve the early fruit yield and quality.

3, pest control. Thoroughly clean up the jujube garden before germination, cut away the dead and dead branches, and blind the stumps like egg masses, and burn them together. The whole garden sprayed a fungicide to prevent branch rot. From the germination period to the young fruit stage, we focus on the prevention and control of blind ticks, spot diseases, and bacterial scab. The prevention and treatment of blind ticks like pyrethroid pesticides plus imidacloprid or acetamiprid. Prevention and treatment of spot disease, bacterial scab disease can be sprayed Polaroid, sterilization excellent, Kai Run, Antai Health and other pesticides. Spray a second before the sacking to kill or protect the young fruit and leaves.

4, thinning fruit set. One week after Xiehua, when the cones become elliptic, the fruit begins to grow. Weak tree 3 jujube hanging a fruit, Zhongyong tree 2 jujube hanging a fruit, strong tree 1 jujube hanging a fruit. Discard small fruit, pests and fruit and malformed fruit, retain large fruit and good fruit.

Third, bagging

1, choose bags. Sichuan-made Huiyang brand film bags were selected. The bag is highly hydrophobic, resistant to rain, and can be rubbed like a laundry after soaking in cold water.

2, bagging time. After fruit thinning, fruit bags such as peanuts are immediately bagged when they are oval in size, usually in the middle and early July.

3, bagging method. When the bag is bagged, the film bag is blown open so that the film bag is fully inflated. The jujube is suspended in the center of the film bag, and then the bag is tightly closed. In the operation, the bags shall be bagged in the order of inner, outer, first, upper and lower, and at the same time, each film bag shall be tightly attached to the bag mouth so as to expand the bag body. When you pouch your mouth, you must make sure that it does not injure the handle and make the jujube fruit in the center of the bag. When picking, the jujube can be hung down, so that the jujube leaves, jujube hangings, bagging winter jujube and the tree body can still maintain the natural state after being separated, and the bagged winter jujube can also be directly taken into the packing box.


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