Cleverly eat 6 kinds of thin fruit

1, Apple

Apple contains dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is good for gastrointestinal motility and helps detoxification. Calcium in apples contributes to the metabolism of excess salt in the body, which helps to eliminate edema caused by high salt levels. Malic acid can metabolize body heat and prevent obesity in the lower body. Pectin can also promote the discharge of lead, mercury, and manganese in the gastrointestinal tract, regulate blood glucose levels in the body, and prevent sudden rise in blood glucose levels. Apples are rich in potassium. Potassium not only eases edema caused by excessive sodium intake, but also has diuretic effects.

how to eat? Eat apples to lose weight do a good job in time to eat in the morning to noon, if you feel hungry, you only have a big apple, have a remarkable effect on the thin lower abdomen Oh!

2. Lemon

Lemon contains citric acid, malic acid and other organic acids and flavonoids such as hesperidin, pomelo peel, and sacred straw. It also contains vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and niacin, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. A variety of nutrients, as well as coumaine, sitosterol, volatile oil and other substances, can promote the secretion of proteinase enzymes in the stomach, increase gastrointestinal motility, help digestion and absorption and weight loss.

Lemon juice has a strong bactericidal effect and inhibit the function of uterine contraction, and can reduce blood lipids, play a role in weight loss. Lemon also has a cosmetic effect that prevents and eliminates skin pigmentation and leaves skin smooth and supple. Lemon is highly alkaline and is considered to be a good medicine for all diseases. It can relieve cough, phlegm, spleen and spleen, and it helps the body's blood circulation, and it can promote metabolism and increase weight loss. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and can lower cholesterol.

how to eat? A thin slice of lemon soaked in water will have a faint fragrance that will refresh the spirit. Lemonade can not only quench your thirst but also dilute your desire to eat. After a meal, you can drink water with fresh lemon, which is very helpful for digestion. However, people with hyperacidity should not drink it.

3, pineapple

The digestion effect of pineapple is as long as it is rich in bromelain, also known as pineapple enzyme. It has the function of papaya enzyme, can decompose protein, effectively dissolve fat, especially can help digestion of meat protein, reduce the body's absorption of fat. . A large number of proteases and dietary fiber in pineapple can help gastrointestinal digestion, and due to the large volume of dietary fiber, good adsorption, can take away excess fat and other harmful substances in the intestinal tract, and it is significant for preventing and relieving constipation symptoms. effect.

how to eat? Before eating the pineapple, “nail” and soak it in salt water. After soaking, it is cut into granules, and when it is eaten into cheese or soft ice cream, it will be more delicious when it is frozen. At the same time can play a role in heat and thirst, digestion and diuretic effects. You can also eat the pineapple as a staple food. Every time you eat more than half a catty, you can have very good results if you stick to it for 7 days.

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