Can motherland use butachlor

Chinese herbal medicine Fritillaria, after sowing cover soil 1 cm, can we use butachlor for soil closure treatment weeding? Can Fritillaria be repeated?

Fritillaria is a perennial herb of the Liliaceae, with onion, garlic, and a hundred families of Liliaceae. It is not appropriate for such crops to be planted again for many years. Otherwise, diseases and insect pests will increase. Nutrients in the soil will also be unbalanced and will affect the growth of lilies. Fritillaria can be used for soil closure before sowing.

Tip: The production of Fritillaria can be seeded and propagated with seeds, and the bulbs can also be used for sowing and propagation. The propagation materials used are different, and the applicable herbicides after sowing are also different.

Using seed-propagated fields, seedlings can be treated with 50% acetochlor EC 120-150 ml, or 60% butachlor EC 100 ml per acre, and 45 kg of water spray.

Fritillaria weeds in the growing period of Fritillaria can be controlled with quizalofop-p-ethyl, high-efficiency flupirtine, and broad-leaf weeds are more difficult to control with selective herbicides. The bulbs propagated in the field can be sprayed with glyphosate and paraquat to remove the weeds in the fields before the seedlings after sowing, or after the wilting in the upper part of the fritillaria. It is also possible to spray the atrazine for soil sealing treatment. Not only can we control a wide variety of grass weeds, but we can also control a wide variety of broadleaf weeds.

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