Winter Huang's clever method points

1, with water overwinter method. Astragalus is a variable-temperature, cold-blooded fish with a strong adaptability to the environment. When the temperature falls below 10°C (growth temperature 15 to 30°C), it rarely feeds and hibernates at the point. At this time, the aquaculture pond should be used for safe wintering. The water level is increased to 30-50 cm to ensure that the water temperature in the bottom of the pool is above 0°C. If the pond is frozen, the ice must be opened every day to prevent hypoxia.
2, dry pool winter law. When the water temperature is below 10°C, the pool water is drained to ensure that the bottom of the pool is moist. The surface of the pond's mud is covered with a layer of rice straw or wheat straw and corn stalk, with a thickness of 30 cm.
3, indoor wintering method. When the temperature is below 10°C, transfer the yellow trout from the pond to winter, and use the ratio of 1 kg of astragalus and 2 kg of water in the indoor pool or bucket to put the yellow trout into the pond or bucket. Change the water once a day to ensure that The room temperature is between 2 and 5°C.
4, plastic greenhouse wintering method. When the winter water temperature is lower than 12°C, the use of plastic greenhouses is also effective for wintering. The water level in the plastic greenhouse is slightly higher than the aquaculture water level, and the temperature in the shed is guaranteed between 2 and 8°C. When the temperature is highest at noon every day, the ventilation holes of the greenhouse are opened, so that the air in the greenhouse is fresh, and ventilation holes are installed at the top of the greenhouse to prevent the death of jaundice due to lack of oxygen. Lu Jizeng

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