Symptoms of Peach Leaf Shrink Disease and Its Control Methods

1. Distribution: Peach leaf shingles occur in peach cultivation areas all over the world, especially in the deltas on the banks of the lake, the coast, the river, and the inlet.
2. Symptoms: Peach leaf defoliation mainly damages the leaves. In severe cases, it also affects young shoots, young fruit and flowers. Symptoms of the diseased leaf appear to be wrinkled and partially or completely crumpled and distorted with the age of the leaf. Diseased leaves turn back along the leaf margins, longitudinally, with foliar bumps, purplish-red or bright red, hypertrophy and brittleness. When the disease is severe, the leaves of the whole plant to the orchard are deformed. In the late spring and early summer, the leaves of the diseased leaves are gray, and gradually the white powdery layer (this is the ascospores and blastospores of the bacteria) covers the entire leaf surface. Browning, desiccating, and falling leaves, the new leaves will no longer develop because of rising temperatures.
The young shoots are shortened and swollen after infection. Part of the swollen mass was gray-green, yellow or smoke-red, with a layer of white powdery ascus on the surface, clusters of parietal leaves, and the diseased and heavy branches gradually wilted and died.
Onset of young fruit, yellow or red spots, slightly convex, with the fruit development increases, gradually become deformed, peel often cracks or sores; the larger fruit after the disease, the fruit becomes red, hair off, smooth fruit surface, Easy to fall off.
3. Incidence of disease: The primary source of infection of pathogens mainly originated from budding spores that overwintered in the bark and bud scales and in the gaps between their scales. Low temperature and high humidity are conducive to the occurrence of diseases. When the temperature rises above 21°C, the onset of disease is reduced. The weather turned warm after June and the disease gradually stopped.
4. Control methods:
(1) Prevention of dormancy. Peach buds in the expansion period, a detailed, comprehensive spraying of 1 degree (Bau hydrometer) lime sulfur or 1:1:160 Bordeaux mixture to kill the overwintering pathogen. If the spraying is timely and appropriate, the hazard of the disease can be completely controlled.
(2) Strengthen cultivation management. The diseased trees and gardens must be supplemented with fertilizers and irrigation in a timely manner to promote the restoration of tree vigor and improve resistance to diseases. In addition, diseased leaves and diseased branches should be removed promptly and burned centrally.
(3) Growth period control. Peach buds germinate until the red period, spraying 50% carbendazim WP 600 to 800 times, 50% SON Zinc 300 to 500 times, 0.5 degree lime sulfur mixed with powder rust 1000 times and so on Better results.

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