Process technology for concentrated honey

Honey is a kind of colloidal liquid with high water content. Due to the lack of material conditions for producing a large amount of mature honey, honey is easily fermented and deteriorated, and it is not convenient for storage and transportation. Therefore, the deep processing technology of honey is worth promoting. Here's a condensed honey processing technology.
Raw material honey: Acceptance of good raw honey can not process high-quality concentrated honey. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly test the color, odor, moisture content, honey seed, amylase value (freshness index), length of collection time, and pesticide residue of the raw material honey.
Melting: The purpose is to prevent fermentation and damage quality by heating, delay honey crystallization. It is usually heated at 60-65°C for 30 minutes.
Filtration: The heated honey is kept at a temperature of about 40°C in order to filter, remove impurities and a small amount of larger crystal particles. The operation should be carried out in the sealing device as much as possible to shorten the heating time and reduce the loss of flavor.
Vacuum concentration: Concentrate honey at a vacuum of 720 mmHg and evaporating temperature of 40-50°C to minimize the effects of processing on the color, aroma, and taste of honey. When concentrating, special attention should be paid to the recovery of aromatic volatiles after honey is heated.
Cooling: Quickly cool the concentrated honey to avoid lowering the quality of the honey when stored at high temperatures and prepare for dispensing. Forced circulation and stirring cooling can be used to maintain a good appearance and intrinsic quality of the product.
Inspection and packaging: The process of concentrating honey should be randomly sampled and tested to ensure that the moisture content of honey after processing is stable within the range of 17.5-18%. Packaging specifications can be divided into two types: large packaging or small packaging. Large packaging is packed in large iron drums, and special paints that meet the food hygiene requirements should be coated inside the drum to avoid contamination of iron by acidic substances contained in honey. The small package is mainly bottled, and the finished product can be directly poured into the cleaned and strictly sterilized glass bottle.
Storage: The preservation of honey has a great influence on quality. Storage warehouses should be separated separately and avoid direct sunlight and high temperature environment. Always pay attention to dry ventilation and prevent odor substances from being stored together.

Carrot is a kind of vegetable which is rich in nutrition and easy to process. The raw materials are bright red, the section yellow core is small, and the luster is not damaged. Processing should be selected one by one, cut off the non-edible parts, wash 2 to 3 times, according to the requirements of cutting into various shapes, such as block, sheet, stripe, dice, round pattern, stripe pattern, etc. the remaining material is generally processed into dice. The products used for export should be removed according to the requirements of merchants, and the peeling machine can be used for mass production. The processed products are blanched for 1-3 minutes in the hot water of 100 C in the basket. The blanching degree should be strictly controlled. If the blanching is excessive, the products will become soft and discolored, which will affect the quality of the products. After blanching, chill to below 10 C, drain on the vibrating drainer, freeze in the quick freezing device for 10 minutes, and pack quantitatively and refrigerate. Customers who need to freeze Diced Carrots can contact us at any time.

Frozen Diced Carrots

Frozen Diced Carrots

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