How to cut wool

There are manual and mechanical shearing methods for shearing. Only manual shearing is introduced here.

(1) Time, number and place of hair cutting. The spring is generally from May to June, and the fall is from September to October. Fine wool sheep and semi-fine wool sheep only cut 1 spring fur for 1 year, and coarse hair sheep cut 1 fur each in spring and autumn. The site of shearing can be determined by the size of the sheep. Large sheep farms are equipped with shearing rooms. Indoors should be light, spacious and dry. Sheep farms or farmers with few heads can be cut in the open air. The site should be cleaned and it is best to have a mat or a board when cutting the hair.

(2) Preparation before shearing. When shearing sheep, special sheep sheds are set up, and the density of the sheep is greater, so that sheep can be easily caught. At the same time, the sheep are crowded together with high calories, which promotes the liquefaction and increased secretion of oil and sweat to facilitate the work of shearing. Before shearing, determine the number of shear sheep per day. The sheep were stopped drinking and grazing 12 hours before the shearing to ensure fasting and safe shearing. The remaining sheep were grazing as usual.

(3) Manual shearing operation method. 1 Let the left side of the sheep lie on a shearing table or a wooden board or a banquet table. The back of the sheep is on the shears and the abdomen is outward. From the left posterior flank, cut the belly, chest, and right and left limbs of the wool from back to front. Turn the sheep over so that it lies downright and the abdomen faces the shears. The shears cut the left hind leg of the right hand straight sheep, cut it from the inside of the left hind leg to the outside, and then from the left side of the left hind leg to the left hip, back, shoulders, to the neck, and cut off the left side of the sheep's wool long distance vertically. . Then sit the sheep up and lean against the shears' legs and cut the wool on the right and left shoulders laterally. Then hold the sheep's head on both legs so that the right side of the sheep protrudes, and then cut the right side down from top to bottom. Finally check the whole body and cut off the remaining wool. 2 Wrap the forelimb of the sheep with the right or left hind limbs with a rope and lie on the side. The shearing workman (sitting) is on the ventral side of the sheep, from the hind limbs to the buttocks, ventral to the back, then the forelimbs to the shoulders, armor, and finally the side of the neck, shearing the hairs in order; the sheep is turned over and still cut The hair is cut in sequence on one side. Or after turning, still cut it down until it is cut. Finally untie the rope and cut all the belly hair.

(4) Precautions. 1 The wet sheep should be cut after the wool has dried. 2 The shearing shear should not be inserted too long. Evenly cut the wool close to the skin and keep it low. Do not cut the second cut. 3 Shearing should be done with care. Do not cut the skin as much as possible. Once it is cut, apply it with iodine in time to prevent infection. 4 Do not let dirt, weeds, etc. into the wool when shearing. 9 The shearing action should be quick, as long as the sheep is light, so as not to cause rumen hernia, intestinal torsion and so on. 6 After shorn, do not grazing on lush grassland immediately. Because sheep have been fasting for more than ten hours, grazing and gluttony tend to cause gastrointestinal diseases.

(5) The effect of hair removal with cyclophosphamide is better. Its usage and dosage is 24 mg cyclophosphamide per kg body weight. Hair collection began 15 to 20 days after administration. At this time, the wool on the sheep body was continuously observed by the naked eye, and the newly grown body surface of wool was 0.1 to 0.2 cm long. Cyclophosphamide hair removal had no effect on sheep health. Drug depilation has the advantages of labor saving, time saving, labor saving, no pollution of the wool, long hair, no second cuts, no damage to the skin of the sheep, etc. The economic benefits are higher and it is worth promoting.


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