Grape Microfilm Bagging New Technology

Grape paper bags, in addition to high investment, due to poor bagging time, method is wrong, improper management and many other issues, prone to a large number of fruit drop, fruit rotten phenomenon, in response to this problem, after repeated practice of farmers across the vast number of practice The application proves that applying the new high-fat film micro-film bagging technology can solve many defects such as excessively high pesticide residue, reduced quality, etc., on the basis of solving the problem of high investment and easy fruit drop of the paper bag, and protecting the fruit from bright coloration and saving. Pesticide fertilizer, improve grade, increase production, and produce non-pollution fruit. It can also prevent sunburn, waterproof transpiration, anti-sun exposure. Spraying is started at the fruiting stage, and then the spray is applied in time according to the speed of the fruit's expansion.

The new high-fat membrane itself does not have a bactericidal effect. The drug is sprayed on the surface of the plant and spreads automatically to form a layer of monomolecular membrane that is not visible to the naked eye. It wraps the plant and protects the crop from external diseases and spreads the bacteria. Affect the growth of crops, air permeability, play a role in disease prevention. The new high-fat membrane has a good control effect on many kinds of fungal diseases, because the disease prevention is a physical effect, the bacteria will not produce drug resistance. When spraying, the liquid on the front and back of the crop should be evenly adhered to the liquid. After the spray, the spray can no longer be sprayed.


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