Seven ways to know the wild

1, the back. The wild pheasant is smooth on the back, yellow-green or olive-green in color; the back of the culture quail is rough and white in color.
2, skirts. The wild python skirt is thick and the skirts are very thin.
3, claws. The wild crickets have strong limbs, hard, pointed and yellow claws; the quail limbs are weak and the claws are not hard and sharp.
4, the trunk. Wild crickets are thin and thin, and they are thick and fat.
5, floor. The wild cricket floor is yellow, the pattern is clear and dark in color; the floor of the quail culture is white.
6, under the ribs. Wild crickets are clean under the ribs and there are dirt on the breeding grounds.
7, teeth. The wild yellow teeth have many yellow and strong dental plaques, and the cultured alfalfa teeth are less likely to fall off.

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