Ten ways to increase milk production in dairy cows

1. Feeding phosphogypsum In recent years, foreign phosphogypsum has been used as a feed additive. Adding 71.5 g to the basic diet of each dairy cow can increase milk production by 1.7%, milk fat percentage by 10.5%, and formula feed consumption per kilogram of milk. Decrease by 11.4%.
2. Feeding congee material to cows to feed congee can increase milk production by 31% compared to feeding dry and wet materials. When processing porridge, first add a small amount of salt to the powdered concentrate, mix it with a little water, and pour it in until the water in the pot is boiling. Stir for 5-10 minutes.
3. Carotene Supplementation Russian cattle breeders added 7 grams of carotene to the cow's diet 30 days before and at 92 days postpartum, shortening the lactation period by about 1 week, and increasing milk by 200.8 kilograms per lactation period.
4. Feeding oyster shell sunflower seeds oyster shell sunflower seeds are rich in protein and fat, adding 10-20% in the feed, dairy cow milk production can be increased by about 15%.
5. Feeding fish and shrimp In the diet of each cow, mix cooked boiled fish and shrimp 0.3 kg to increase the output of milk by 2 kg per day. In the early stage of lactation, add 0.75 kg of fishmeal daily to increase the output of fresh milk daily. About 1.5 kilograms.
6. Feeding sodium bicarbonate According to the US study, sodium bicarbonate is fed to lactating dairy cows. From the beginning of milk production to the end of the lactation period, each cow feeds 150 grams per day, which accounts for 0.8% of the dry matter in the diet. The peak period of milk production was greatly increased, and continued high yields within 32 weeks, resulting in an average of 176 kg of milk per cow and a 3.1% increase in milk fat percentage.
7. Increased Light Research at the University of Michigan, USA found that in the first 60 days of lactation, there is no need to increase or change the feed, allowing the cow to receive 16 hours of light per day can increase milk production by 10%; also reported that winter cows increased light Up to 16% can produce 10% more milk than natural light.
8. Adjusting the postpartum cows' 3-8 weeks postpartum is the prime time for milk production. If dairy cows give birth in summer, the daily milk production will be 10 kg less than in other seasons. Therefore, we must pay attention to arrange a good breeding period, avoiding summer calving, in order to increase milk production.
9. Hoofing in Germany test proved that hoofing cows before opening grazing can increase milk production by 200 kg per year. According to the China Agricultural University, 60 cows were divided into two groups to test. The result was 30 hooves in the experimental group. During the 15 days after hoof repair, the net increase in milk was 436.5 kg, which increased production by 4.43%.
10. Insecticide According to foreign tests, using thiabendazole to drive off dairy cows digestive tract nematodes can increase milk production. In 21 pastures in Hokkaido, Japan, deworming cows produced an average of 409.3 kg of milk per lactation per head and an increase of 12.6 kg of milk fat.
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