Scientists decipher tree genome for the first time

According to a report in the US "Science" magazine on September 14, 2006, researchers announced that the genome of Mao Yang has been deciphered. Based on the genome of this tree, it is possible for humans to obtain better new energy resources because they can provide ideal biofuels.

A large-scale international scientific research team funded by the U.S. Department of Energy completed the genome deciphering of Populus yangii. The researchers chose this common plant because it grows rapidly, is a potential biofuel, and it has relatively few genomes. So far, only three species of plants have been deciphered. The first two species are Arabidopsis and rice. Populus trichocarpum is the third, the first group of human genomes. Gerald Tuscan, one of the key researchers involved in the deciphering of Yang Yang's genome, believes that biofuels are hardly economical and practical so far, because large areas of land are needed but only a small amount of ethanol fuel is available. (obtained by extracting the plant's cellulose), and the deciphering of the Populus deltoides genome helps to improve it. Because it is possible to regulate the tree's biochemical pathways or transgenic technology, poplars grow or grow faster, or contain a greater proportion of cellulose, making them more easily converted to sugar and ethanol.

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