The problem of carbon dioxide fertilization in the greenhouse

The problem of carbon dioxide fertilization in the greenhouse
1. Under the conditions of adequate water and fertilizer, high temperature, and good light, the greenhouse greenhouse gasification effect on crop growth is high. The spraying time is carried out before the release of the morning air, and it is not suitable to apply the kovar carbon dioxide fertilizer after ventilation or after all-day ventilation and when there is no light on rainy days.
2. Large temperature difference management system can improve carbon dioxide fertilization effect. Applying carbon dioxide at high temperatures and light during the daytime is beneficial to the photosynthesis of organic materials. In the afternoon, the ventilation is increased and there is a lower temperature at night. Increasing the temperature difference is conducive to the operation of photosynthetic products, thereby accelerating the growth and photosynthesis of the crops. Accumulation of organic matter.
3. Because carbon dioxide is heavier than air, in order for the added carbon dioxide to be uniformly applied around the functional leaf of the crop, the carbon dioxide generating device or gas pipeline should be placed at the canopy height position of the plant community, and multi-point application or increase of the discharge tube should be adopted. The number of holes in it ensures its evenness and makes full use of the carbon dioxide emitted.
4. The sulfuric acid used in chemical reactions is highly corrosive. Therefore, attention should be paid to the safety of use, including diluting the sulfuric acid, pouring sulfuric acid into the water along the wall, and strengthening the stirring; the container cannot use metal materials; wear protective gloves as much as possible during operation. , Glasses, to prevent the operator's skin, clothing was burned; until the reaction completely terminated, residual liquid is fully diluted before use, to prevent residual acid harm to the crop.
5. The long-term and high-concentration use of carbon dioxide will have harmful effects on crops, such as aging of plants, rewinding of leaves, and decline of chlorophyll. Therefore, the use concentration should be slightly lower than the optimum concentration, and the number of applications should be appropriately reduced, and water and fertilizer management must be strengthened. .
6. During the application of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse should be kept in a relatively closed state to prevent carbon dioxide gas from escaping to the outside of the shed in order to increase the utilization of carbon dioxide and reduce production costs.
7. Different greenhouse cultivation crops have different developmental stages, their plant populations are different, and the foliage is also different. The amount of carbon dioxide replenishment should be adjusted according to the crop growth period and plant height.

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