Soil storage and preservation technology

1.Pottery storage and preservation: After harvesting, remove the dirt and debris from the bulb surface, remove the disease and injury bulbs, and spread it on the tile floor for 12 to 15 days. After proper drying, place the pot inside the room. Pottery jars (can not be used in pottery jars, pots should be placed in a dry, ventilated place). The storage capacity of each cylinder is about 80 to 100 kg, and the cylinders of the pots are capped after the storage tank is full. It should be noted that: The earthworms stored in earthenware jars have strong respiration in the early stage of storage and must be uncovered for ventilation and air circulation to distribute the water in the cylinders. In rainy season, due to high humidity, the water content in the earthworms Rapid increase, should be promptly covered with moisture; hot and humid season, due to rapid evaporation of water, it is necessary to promptly stamped to prevent stem bulbs body evaporation caused by dry rot. In the course of storage, the storks stored in the terra cotta pots are to be inspected once every 25 to 30 days. Stored according to the above method, the fresh-keeping period of alfalfa can reach more than six months.
2. Storage and preservation of fine sand: After harvesting, in a cool house or basement, bricks should be used to build a buried pit. At the bottom of the pit, 5~7cm thick sand should be laid to arrange the bulbs on the sand. The sand should be covered with 3~4cm sand, and the corms will be discharged on the sand according to the above method, and the stacking will continue, but the total height of the stack shall not exceed 1m. This method has a good effect of storage and preservation.
3. Solution Storage Preservation: The collected stem bulbs are washed and immersed in sodium hypochlorite solution for storage. According to tests, using this method to store, at the temperature of 0 ~ 2 °C, relative humidity of 98% ~ 100% of the environment, the preservation period of bulb stems up to 10 months, 5 °C below the storage period of up to 6 ~ 8 month.

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