A new process for making soy sauce

First, the raw material formula (1) 50 kg of soybeans, 2 kg of flour, 15 grams of rice Qujing, the ratio of raw materials and salt water 1:1.8.
(2) 10 grams of fragrant yam, 5 grams of dried tangerine peel, 3 grams of male cloves, 4 grams of Amomum villosum, 2 grams of fragrant weeds, 250 grams of white wine, and 2000 grams of red sugar.
Second, the process of soybeans → soaking → cooking → inoculation → koji → cleansing → first fermentation → precipitation → sterilization → filtration → inspection → finished product.
Third, the process operation
1, raw material processing selection of high quality soybeans into the tank or soak for about 2 hours, washed and drained into the steaming pot steamed.
2. Inoculated soybean clinker was reddish-brown with a slight odor of beans. After cooling, mix 4% of misoprost bacteria into the mixture.
3. The koji inoculated and homogenized bean material is distributed in bamboo rafts, 2-3 cm thick, and sent to a 30-35°C indoor room-made koji. After 10 hours of material temperature rise and ventilation, the material temperature was reduced to 32-36°C and the optimum temperature was 33°C. After 16-18 hours, the Aspergillus oryzae spores are germinated and the mycelium is propagated using hand-twisting (called turning). In exchange for fresh air and carbon dioxide. After another 7-8 hours turn the second song. After 74-80 hours, when the rhizosphere is loose, spores are clustered, there is no sandwich, there is a normal koji, and there is no other smell, it is a song.
4. Wash the mold and put the beans into the bamboo basket and put them into the water to wash off the spores. After washing, the surface of the yellow bean curd with sterile silk and bean oil is not peeling.
5, the first fermentation of soybean paste will be washed in the bamboo rafts (covered with gauze or plastic film) 6-7 hours until the white mycelium grows gradually, moderate temperature, beans have a special fragrance At that time, you can enter the second fermentation.
6. For the second fermentation, the raw material of bean curd after the first fermentation and the above-mentioned raw materials such as Chinese herbal medicines and white spirits are added to the cylinder according to the ratio of the aforementioned soybean raw materials, and then poured into salt water at 23° C. (the ratio of raw material and salt water is 1:1. .8). After 3 months of natural sun exposure, it is mature sauce.
7. Dip oil The mature sauce shall be placed in a filterable pot or ceramic tile pool and dip into the salt water for 2 times. Leaching soy sauce sweat sticky, red brown color, sweet taste.
8. After the formulated oil has been exposed to sunlight, precipitation, heat sterilization, filtration and inspection after 10-20 days, the finished product will be spiced soybean soy sauce.

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