How to Apply Fertilizer Scientifically

Fertilizer is when the seed is sown or transplanted, the fertilizer is applied near the seed or mixed with the seed to feed the nutrients needed for the early growth of the crop. Fertilizer is the most economical and effective fertilization method. Because the fertilizer is applied directly to the seed, if the fertilization method is improper, it is very easy to cause harm to the crop. Therefore, when applying the seed fertilizer, the amount and type of fertilizer should be strictly controlled so as not to cause burning. Rotten species, resulting in lack of seedlings broken ridge.

First, fertilize fertilizer options. Fertilizers used as seed fertilizers require faster release of nutrients. They cannot be over-acidic or over-alkaline. The fertilizer itself must have no toxic effects on seed germination. Commonly used seed fertilizers are decomposed organic fertilizers, humic acid fertilizers, amino acid fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, microbial fertilizers, and quick-acting fertilizers.

Second, the application of fertilizer.

1, seed dressing: seed dressing is the use of a small amount of water, the fertilizer is dissolved or diluted, sprayed on the surface of the seed, spray while mixing, so that the fertilizer solution evenly stained on the surface of the seed, dried seeding after a method.

2, soaking: The fertilizer solution is dissolved or diluted to a certain concentration of solution, according to the ratio of 1:10 liquid species, the seeds soaked in the solution for 12-24 hours, so that the fertilizer solution with water into the seed coat, immediately after sowing .

3, roots: mainly for rice and other transplanted crops, before transplanting or transplanting, the fertilizer is diluted to a certain concentration (usually 0.01-0.1%) of the solution, the roots of the crop into the fertilizer solution that is inserted into the planting . This method has high survival rate, convenient operation and good results.

4, ditch, acupuncture points: After ditching or digging a hole, the fertilizer is applied to the plough layer of 3-5 cm in the ditch, acupuncture points, maintaining the fertilization distance of 3 cm or more.

Third, it is not easy to make fertilizer fertilizer.

Ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, and urea should not be used as fertilizer in principle. The biuret in urea has a toxic effect on the seed. If it is used as a seed fertilizer, it must be strictly controlled and the amount of biuret should be less than 2% of urea, 2.5 kg per mu.

Fourth, the amount of fertilizer.

Available nitrogen fertilizers (667 square meters) 2.5-5 kg; ammonium phosphate or three-element compound fertilizer 2.5-5 kg; humic acid, amino acid liquid fertilizer diluted 600-800 times; micro fertilizer general dilution concentration to 0.1-0.05% between.

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