Developed a fatigue detector that judges the degree of fatigue through sound

Release date: 2008-07-30

Japan has developed a fatigue tester that judges the degree of fatigue through sound. It is now in the midsummer, and it takes more physical strength and energy to work hard in the heat, and it is also more prone to fatigue. If you are not careful, it is easy to cause accidents, and fatigue under hot conditions is often the cause of brain and heart disease. Therefore, it is necessary to find signs of fatigue earlier and take preventive measures as soon as possible. The Japan Institute of Electronic Navigation has recently developed a fatigue detector that detects the fatigue of subjects by detecting vocal and brain "vigor" and provides a safety guarantee for office workers working in the hot summer days.
This kind of instrument is very convenient to operate. When it is detected, it will show the symptoms of “fatigue”, “vigor and strength”, “sleeping and getting up time”, “work start and end time” on the instrument display. Answer these questions or enter relevant data via the touch screen. Then, say a few words to the microphone equipped with the instrument, read the essay displayed on the display of the instrument, and display the test result within a few seconds.
The test results are numerical, and are called the Brain Vitality Index (CEM). The index was developed by the researcher. Based on 500, the up and down floating 100 is normal, that is, the normal range is between 400 and 600. In addition, this instrument also has a voice system. If the brain is not tired, it will use the voice to inform the person in question: “You have no problem”; if the displayed value is out of the normal range, it will prompt: “Please rest and recover from fatigue. ", or: "You are in extreme tension, pay attention."
Why can you judge the fatigue of the brain only by the voice of the speech? If the brain is in a non-fatigued normal working state, the various signals in the brain when processing information are interlaced, and a special kind of noise is generated, and the influence of the noise on the human body can be expressed in the sound. Japanese researchers have applied this principle to develop a software that can detect and quantify the amount of such noise. The specific method is to let the subject speak into the microphone, collect the voice into the computer, and then calculate the waveform of the sound wave. It is said that the application of this method does not affect the detected value even if the subject disguises the sound as fatigued.
According to reports, there have been many methods for detecting human fatigue in the past, some adopt question and answer methods, some take measurement heartbeat method, and some judge through the work rate of the survey object.
However, these methods have shortcomings, not accuracy is not high, it is more troublesome to apply. The fatigue tester judges the degree of fatigue by sounding, and the use is very simple, and does not impose a physical and mental burden on the subject.
This device has been conducting experiments in the bus company in Tokyo since May 2008. By detecting the sounds of the drivers before they go on the road, it is easy to understand the level of fatigue in their brains. If the driver's judgment and energy decline, the instrument will give a warning, thus avoiding accidents such as driving and snoring. Because of its small size, this instrument can also be used in taxis and trucks. In addition to car drivers, the future use of such instruments also includes pilots, air traffic controllers, train drivers, and industries such as doctors and nurses who have high demands on judgment and concentration. Researchers say that as development continues, the price of such instruments is expected to fall to the current level of car navigation systems, and will therefore benefit thousands of households.
——Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association Network


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