Clever green bean sprouts

Green bean sprouts are favored by consumers because of their green color, rich nutrition, and no pollution. The production of green bean sprouts has a short cycle and quick results. It is not limited by the season, and the technology is simple and easy to promote. Its cultivation techniques are as follows:
1, the whole shed. In the shed, it is made into a north-south pod with a width of 1-1.2 meters, a width of 30 centimeters, a depth of 10-15 centimeters, and a solid leveling.

2, choose the variety. Select the full grain, germination rate, high yield and high yield of soybean production for the current year. Such as red beans, black beans, green beans and so on.

3, processing seeds. (1) Drying seeds: The selected seeds are dried for 1-2 days to increase the germination potential. (2) Soaking: Soak 2 kinds of seeds per square meter, soak it in warm water of 30°C for 24 hours (50kg of water per 10kg of bean, add 2ml each of non-root bean sprouts and thickener), wait until the soybean is full. After absorbing water (soybean is not wrinkled), remove it, and dry it by airing it a little.

4, scientific seeding. The 2-3 cm thick sifted fine sand (fine soil is also available) is placed inside the sampan and the screed is used as the subsoil. Soaking the soaked seeds evenly in the pods requires grain pods that do not overlap and do not stack. Then cover a layer of 3-5 cm thick sand and splash it with water. For the prevention of diseases, 100 kg of water plus 50% carbendazim or 70% mancozeb wettable powder 15-20 kg.

5, fine management. Adjust light, temperature: After sowing, low arch cover or flat cover should be implemented. Old agricultural film or black film should be used to make the surface less visible. The temperature inside the booth can be adjusted by uncovering the grass and ventilation. The winter shed must be maintained at 20-30°C during the day and 14-18°C at night. The temperature in summer is 24-28°C, and it is 18-20°C at night.

6, catch sand watering. Two to four days after sowing, the bean sprouts will cover the sand layer and cracks will appear on the surface. Grab the sand as soon as possible. After catching the sand, the bean sprouts were slightly exposed. Then the warm water was sprayed once and the sand on the bean sprouts was washed clean. The spring and winter seasons are sprayed once every 3-4 days, and the summer and autumn seasons are sprayed once every 2 days, so that the surface is kept dry and wet.

7. Apply a conditioner. After 2-4 days after spraying, when the bean sprouts reach 1-3 cm in length, the thickener and rootless bean sprouts can be combined with water spray. Generally, the thickening agent and rootless bean sprouts are added for every 20-25 kg of water. 2-4 ml.

8, put green and harvest. Green bean sprout height 15-20 cm, cotyledon has not yet unfolded, when the true leaves are not exposed when the harvest is appropriate. Generally 10-12 days in winter production 1 茬. 4-5 days a day in summer, 1-8 days in spring and autumn 7-8 days. Put green before 2-3 days before picking, you can peel off the cover and replace it with a plastic woven bag or sack sheet so that the surface of the pod receives the scattered light to make the leaves turn green. When the whole plant turns green, it is timely harvested. When it is harvested, it is uprooted, and it is bundled into every 0.5 kg. Because it is not resistant to storage, it should be sold as soon as possible. After harvesting, the sand and soil in the pot shall be transported out of the shed, and the soil shall be completely reconstructed for cultivation.

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