A High-yielding Cultivation Technique of Cucumber

The cucumber has a short growing period, and it has a large number of flowers in the cultivation process. Arranging a reasonable sowing time, using a melon planting two cucumbers in summer and autumn, can achieve a good effect of cost-saving income.
Sowing schedule: The first cucumber is planted in the middle of May and transplanted in mid-June. Harvested in early July and August. The second crop was raised in the middle of July, transplanted in early August and harvested in early September and early October. The planting should not be too late, otherwise the low temperature at the later stage will affect the output. Use seedlings for nutrition, planting enough water before sowing, sowing 1-2 seeds per loquat and covering within 1 cm of cover soil. After the broadcast, the bracket is inserted to cover the shade net to prevent high-temperature storms. After the emergence of seedlings in a timely manner.
Variety selection: Choose heat-resistant, disease-resistant, and adaptable varieties grown under long-day conditions, such as Jinchun 4, Jinza 2, Jinyan 3, Ningfeng 1, etc. The amount of 50-100 grams per mu is used.
Soil preparation and fertilization: After the wheat harvest, the Mushi human excrement 2500 kg, the cooked cake fertilizer 100 kg, Hui Manfeng granule fertilizer 50 kg, will fully mix the soil fertilizer. Every row of 100-120 cm in the field is double-rowed and the two ridges are open in the middle. The trenches were excavated around the field and the outlets were well opened. Then the ridges were covered with black mulch (prevention of rain, moisture and weed control).
Transplanting in a timely manner: about 25 days of seedling age, 3-4 leaf transplants, 3500-4000 seedlings. The second cucumber is planted on the front of the cucumber root. The seedlings were sprayed with 150-200 milligrams of ethephon per kilogram of water at each of the 3-leaf and 6-leaf stages, increasing the number of female flowers and increasing the yield.
Fertilizer and Water Management: After transplanting, Mu recovers 500 kilograms of human waste and water, and “Little Fertilizer” is applied to promote live hair rooting. After rooting the melons, Mu with a full 30 kg deep fat fertilizer. In the later stage, the combined application of sprays for extra-root topdressing may use plant vigor and plant power 2003. In summer and autumn, the temperature is high, the light is strong, and the soil is prone to drought. Water and drought should be promptly watered in the evening.
Pruning and pruning: head cucumbers are immediately erected after transplanting. The side vines growing on the main vines 1-6 are removed early, and the leaves on the side of the vines after 6 verses are left with 1 leaf melon topping. After the main vine spreads over its shelves, it picks up its hearts and grows naturally afterwards.
Prevention and control of pests: downy mildew, powdery mildew, etc. are treated with mothionine and chlorothalonil; locusts, melons and locusts are controlled by CPT, and Wanling. Spray once every 7-10 days.
Harvesting: Cucumber harvesting sooner or later and frequency have an impact on the yield and quality. Root melon early harvest to facilitate the development of the upper melon and plant growth. Usually 2-3 days harvest once, full fruit harvested once a day.

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