How to improve soil organic matter

How to improve soil organic matter Soil organic matter is an important guarantee for the growth and development of crops, measures to increase soil organic matter must be considered from both open source and throttling. Open source is to produce more organic matter and open up organic fertilizer sources. The throttling is to return as much soil organic matter produced by the soil itself to the soil, and to reduce the decomposition of soil organic matter through farming measures and reasonable crop layout. In layman's terms, the commonly used method is the combination of kind, return, and practice. Species, appropriate cultivation of green manure crops; also, straw returned to field; Shi, increase organic fertilizer.
Planting green manure is not only a soil cover, but also an effective way to increase soil organic matter. According to the experiment, no matter what kind of land, per annum of 1 ton of green manure grass, after 5 years, soil organic matter increased 0.1-0.2%, total nitrogen increased by 0.011%, total humic acid increased by 6.1%, and active organic matter increased by 17.4%.
Use straw to return the soil to increase the return rate of soil biological production. Straw is rich in organic matter and mineral nutrients. If straw does not return to the field, the loss of organic matter and minerals cannot be returned to the soil. If it is continued for a long time, it will cause a lack of organic matter in the soil and affect crop growth. The use of goldfish fermentation agent for fermentation of straw after returning to the field, the better.
The addition of gold treasure bacteria fertilizer can improve the soil structure, increase the composition of organic matter in the soil, and maintain the soil ecological balance. If the application of organic fertilizer is neglected during fertilization, the soil ecological balance will be destroyed, for example, the northeast black soil is recognized as fertile and good soil in China. Due to relying on heavy chemical fertilizer to despise organic fertilizer, the soil fertility is significantly reduced, and the organic matter content has been changed from that of the first time. 10%, to the current 1-5%, large black land is turning from black to yellow.

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