Rice best dressing

The absorption of nitrogen fertilizer by rice began to increase gradually after returning green, and reached the highest peak of fertilizer absorption during the peak period of tillering. In order to promote the early emergence of rice, early delivery, early application and re-appropriate sub-fertilizer. Usually after transplanting 7-10 days. Each mus of topdressing urea 10 kg, when heading topdressing urea 15 to 20 kg.

Purple Cherry Tomato

Purple tomato is characteristic of a new generation of hybrid varieties of color, unlimited growth, early maturity varieties, plant growing strong, fruit round, slightly tall, mature fruit purple, with chromatic stripe, single fruit weighs 25 to 30 grams, each ear manage to make do with 8-10 fruit, beautiful appearance, taste sweet, strong disease resistance, easy cultivation, is very suitable for the spring and autumn period and the protectorate cultivated varieties.

Purple Cherry Tomato Seeds

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