Do apricot tree pollination timely

Why do apricot trees often bloom a lot, but rarely apricot? The main reason is poor pollination. To improve the fruit setting rate of apricot blossom, we must make preparations in advance and carefully and carefully conduct apricot flower pollination.

The main cultivars of apricot trees are selected for natural pollination, low rate of abortion, and natural pollination and fruit set rate; the compatibility of the planting and the main cultivars is good, the flowering period is the same, the pollen volume is large, and the pollen germination rate is high. The variety (such as string red) pollinate the tree. Irrigation in early spring delays the flowering period of apricot trees, and the flowers can avoid the hazards of late frost; smoke and smoke in apricot fields can prevent frost. One month before flowering and before flower buds sprouted, each sprayed 0.1% to 0.3% of salt water to reduce the freezing of flower plants; and the artificial pollination of apricot flowers, can play a good role in pollinating apricot flowers and improve Fruit setting rate.

Pollen for artificial pollination should be pollinated with the pollen of the pollen tree and pollen of the main plant variety. The pollen collection of pollinated varieties should be taken during the bell stage of flowers or the initial opening period of flowers. After picking almonds, take two flowers and remove the anthers. Can also first knead the flowers, then screen out the anthers, the collected anthers to the impurity after the smooth polishing paper, placed in a temperature maintained at 20 °C ~ 25 °C, humidity maintained at 60% to 80% of the indoor (indoors overheated too dry Both affect the cracking of the anthers. After 24 hours, the anthers are cracked and the flowering powder is allowed to dry. The pollen is collected in glassware and stored in a self-made drying dish for use. The drying dish can be self-made, and can be used as a paper tube or iron tube. Put some quick lime at the bottom of the tube, and lay paper on the lime. The paper is loaded with pollen and the tube can be capped.

From the early stage of flowering to the end of blooming, pollination was conducted twice at intervals of one to three days. For a long time, only 1 to 3 freshly-opened flowers are given in the center of the inflorescence; when the flowers are low, all newly-opened flowers are pollinated. Pollination, the pollen in a glass bottle (not too much), using a brush, feathers, paper or rubber head to extract pollen, to the pollen stigma painted lightly. When pollen is pollinated once, 4 to 5 flowers can be pollinated continuously. According to age, tree vigor, and management, determine the number of flowers pollinated per tree. Flowering trees with poor water and fertilizer conditions can pollinate less flowers, and vice versa. The pollen that remains after each pollination is poured out and dried by air (without heating), then crushed into glass using a glass bottle (rod) on a glass plate, and can be reused once more.

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