The main factors affecting the rabbit's fertility

Temperature and environmental temperature have a significant effect on the reproductive performance of rabbits. If the temperature exceeds 30°C, appetite decreases and sexual desire decreases. Sustained high temperatures can reduce sperm production in the testicles without producing sperm. High temperature can affect libido, but it can recover quickly after high temperatures, while the recovery of semen quality takes about two months, because the occurrence, development and maturation of sperm is about one and a half months.

Low temperature also has a certain effect on the rabbit's fecundity. The ambient temperature is lower than 5°C and the libido is reduced. Of course, the reason for the low fertility in the cold season, in addition to the effects of low temperature, there are nutritional factors, vitamin deficiency caused by the lack of winter green feed and so on.

Nutrition According to foreign studies, high nutrient levels often affect follicular development and decreased ovulation rates. On the 9th day after mating, the number of fertilized eggs was observed. The embryonic mortality rate of high nutrient levels was 44%, while the low nutrient level was only 18%. The average number of live fetuses in the former was only 3.8 and the latter was 6.

Low nutritional levels or incomplete nutrition also have an adverse effect on rabbit fertility. Because reproductive performance is largely influenced by pituitary function, poor nutrition directly affects the function of the pituitary gland.

The cryptorchidism or single testis male cryptorchid or single testis is a physiological defect, and mating does not make the female rabbit suffer from fetal birth or conception. Because cryptorchidism or monotesticle male rabbits cannot produce sperm or have poor sperm production.

Temporary infertility may occur after improper use of the rabbit, but disappears after the first breeding. Male rabbits do not breed for a long period of time. For the first time, breeding is required for compounding. If artificial insemination is performed, the first collected semen is not used. The long-term empty or early maternal rabbits have poor ovarian function and often make it difficult for the female to become pregnant.

The rabbit age of rabbit breeds significantly affects its reproductive performance. Rabbits aged 1 to 2 years have an increased reproductive performance with age. After 2 years old, reproductive performance gradually declined. In general, rabbits are used for about 3 years, and 3 years old and above are not suitable for individual use except for some excellent individuals.

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