Spring corn cultivation

In line with local conditions, select good-quality plains and hilly regions to promote Dandan 13 and Xiyu No. 3 with Huayu No. 4, Zhongdan No. 32, Chenghai No. 1 and Expedition 808; Single 51; the suburbs mainly fresh food, can be planted on the 1st and other waxy corn.

The application of base fertilizer, clever application of dressing fertilizer scientific test results show that more than 500 kg per mu of corn, the need to apply 2500 kg of farmyard fertilizer, 30 kg of ammonium bicarbonate, 40 kg of superphosphate, 8 kg of potassium fertilizer, 1 kg of zinc sulfate; Miao Qiao applied to top dressing, as early as after the attack Miao Fei, urea 4 ~ 5 kg per mu, on the weak and weak seedlings to promote balanced growth; 10 to 11 leaves when the re-approach a panicle fertilizer, applied per acre of carbonic acid Ammonium Hydroxide 40 kg, hole drilling and fertilization; tasselling period, make-up attack and attack grain fertilizer, spray urea 3 ~ 4 kg per acre.

Standardized cultivation and rational planting of corn planting systems include net seeding and intercropping. The net corn box is 120 cm wide. Two rows of corn are planted in the middle of the box. The row spacing is 40 cm. The plant spacing is 25 cm and the number is 4400 per mu. The wheat and rape are interplanted and the width is 170 cm. The two rows are reserved in the reserved row. Maize, row spacing 40 cm, plant spacing 20 to 23 cm, 3500 per mu; intercropping with cotton, planting a row in the car, planting about 1200 per mu. The seedlings were planted in mid-March and transplanted in early April; the mulching film was planted in late March; the areas with high-level scientific farming were promoted, the seedlings were propagated in nutrition, the transplanted fields were transplanted in the 3-leaf stage, and then covered with plastic film.

Scientific management, nurturing strong seedlings is a lack of seedlings and supplementary plants, early breeding seedlings ready to find seedlings and early transplantation. The second is to prevent and treat pests and diseases. In the seedling stage, baits are used to prevent and control ground tigers and insect pests. For example, during the trumpet-end stage, poisonous soil granules are made from furanyl mixed fine soil and applied to the heart of the corn. Each plant applies 3 to 4 capsules. Corn borers; Late post-emergent mycinomycin to control sheath blight, stripping the base leaves; Third, earthworms, combined with 10 cm of topdressing soil at the jointing stage to promote the growth of aerial roots. Fourth, the drain ditch, the paddy field corn to do a good job trenching, prevent waterlogging. The fifth is auxiliary pollination. Cotton is intercropped in the cotton field, and the planting density is small. The pollination rate among the plants is low, and artificially assisted pollination should be carried out in the tasseling and silking stage to increase the seed setting rate and capture high yields and harvests.

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