Pear caterpillar

Pear-star caterpillar is also known as pear dog, dumpling, etc. It belongs to Lepidoptera and Moth, and it is the main leaf-feeding pest of pear tree. The larvae harm the flower buds and leaves, in addition to harming pear trees, they also harm fruit trees such as apples, jellyfish, peaches, apricots, cherries, and sand berries. Pear production areas in China are widespread, and the management of extensive pear orchards is particularly serious. When the density of larvae is large, pear shoots are often eaten when the pears germinate, causing the pears to fail to grow leaves, resulting in the second flowering of the year.
The regular occurrence of P. caterpillars occurred in 1 year in Bowan Bay and North China, and 2 generations in 1 year in Guanzhong and Yan'an, Shaanxi Provinces. The 2nd to 3rd instar larvae overwintered in bark cracks and other places. When the buds of Hunchun pear blossomed, they were infested and the pods were out of order. They entered the peak period in mid-April and damaged the buds. In the middle and early May of the year, the leaves were infested. The older larvae were made into dumplings, and the middle of the larvae was made into dumplings. The mesophylls were taken from the middle of the month, and were wiped off in the May and the end of the month. In mid-June, the birds were feathered, and in mid- and late-years, they entered the Sheng. period. Adults lay eggs on the back of the leaves, hatched in late June, entered the peak period in early July, and entered the winter.
Control methods
1 During the winter period, the old bark, especially the rough skin of the roots and stems, was scraped to eliminate the overwintering larvae and reduce the source of insects.
2 The larvae trap the grasses in the trunk before winter.
3 Remove the larvae or cockroaches from the wrapping.
4 Flower buds opening and opening buds during the bud control, can choose the type and concentration of the agent: 80% dichlorvos EC 1000 times, 2.5% speed killing Ding 1500 ~ 2000 times, 20% cypermethrin 1500 ~ 2000 times, 25 % Diflubenzuron No. 3 2000 times and so on. Spraying 2 times before flowering can generally control its damage. During the period of adult emergence, it can be used to spray 1 time to extinguish or kill Ding or Kungfu Chrysanthemum or deltamethrin for 2000 times.

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