Domestic medical equipment lacks high-end lack of popularity

Release date: 2009-03-09

As a tool to save lives, the price and quality of medical devices have always been the subject of concern for patients, and they are also the focus of academicians. At the special salon held by the Shanghai Academician Center on “Promoting Technological Innovation and Helping Enterprise Development”, many academicians directly pointed to the “lack” of the current medical device industry in Shanghai.

The first "lack" is the lack of domestic high-end products. Last year, the output value of the medical device industry in Shanghai was about 12 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.4%. However, it faced the problems of lack of independent innovation products, excessive dependence on imported products, and backward equipment of primary medical institutions. Pan Mingrong, president of the Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association, said that among the first, second and third categories of medical devices, the relatively high-end three types of products (such as implantable devices) account for only about 20%. Academician Dai Kezhen, an orthopaedic doctor of the 9th Affiliated Hospital of Jiaotong University, said that the artificial joints used by the hospital are not local products. The industry has not yet formed iconic products, core competitiveness, and international brands. "Only cotton gauze may be internationally available. Your own brand." In fact, in the export structure of domestic medical devices, surgical towels and massage devices are still traditional items.

The localization of high-end equipment can greatly reduce medical costs, which has been confirmed in some high-tech enterprises. Minimally Invasive Medical Devices (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has developed cardiovascular stent products after 10 years of innovation. At that time, the hospital was almost all American Johnson & Johnson products, each stent cost more than 30,000 yuan, and some surgery used three, making the patient unbearable. Today, minimally invasive stents reduce costs by more than half, and foreign products are also significantly reduced to more than 10,000 yuan.

The second "lack" is the lack of new popular products. Professor Fang Zuxiang from the Institute of Biomedical Instruments of Fudan University introduced that the cardiopulmonary resuscitation equipment in the field of emergency medical treatment in foreign countries has shown a trend of popularity. He said that after a sudden onset of cardiovascular disease, if the appropriate rescue measures were not obtained after 10 minutes, the death rate was almost 100%. As the United States is equipped with a large number of “fool-type” cardiopulmonary resuscitation devices that can be operated by the public, the success rate of patients outside the hospital has increased from 1.4% to 31%. Last year, Japan popularized such emergency equipment on a large scale, stipulating that one unit per 5,000 people could be compared with the density of fire hydrants.

Fang Zuxiang said that Fudan has also carried out research in this field, but no Shanghai enterprises have joined the development. At present, only one foreign industry leader has made a prototype. Academician Chen Yazhu of Shanghai Jiaotong University Institute of Life Medicine Instruments believes that there is a lack of industry-based grinding in the medical device industry in Shanghai, and there is still a lack of strategic leaders. "Scientists have good technology, but once the opportunity is over, the technology is abolished. ". Experts believe that in combination with community and ageing trends, research and development of rehabilitation health care medical devices should be a major direction.

Promote the independent development of the medical device industry, and lack specific industry policies. Chen Yazhu said that the scientific and technological achievements of medical devices need at least three or five years of conversion, and they cannot be produced without one or two million yuan of investment. This requires relevant departments to promote them through policy funds and help companies with good prospects to complete the process. Academician Wang Weiqi of Fudan University said that the orientation of government procurement is very important to promote the development of the local medical device industry. With the implementation of the new medical reform program, the substitution of imported domestic products into the scope of medical insurance will have a great effect on cultivating enterprises in the industry. Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

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