Biogas fertilizer application notes

With the continuous promotion of rural biogas digesters, biogas residue is widely used in the agricultural field, especially for agricultural crops. Here are the precautions for applying biogas digesters:

1, biogas residue can not be applied immediately after leaving the pool. The reduction of biogas residue is strong. If it is applied immediately after being discharged from the pond, it will compete with the crop for oxygen in the soil and affect the germination and root development of the seed, resulting in yellowing and wilting of the crop leaves. Therefore, it should generally be stored in the septic tank for 5-7 days after being discharged from the pond. If it is mixed with phosphate fertilizer at a ratio of 10:1 for 5-7 days, the effect will be better.

2, biogas can not be directly applied. When biogas slurry is used as top dressing, it is generally necessary to dilute water, especially if it is applied to seedlings, otherwise it will burn the crop.

3, biogas residue can not be applied topsoil. The application of biogas residue to dry land crops should be done by using a hole or trench, and then covering the soil. After applying the field to the paddy field, the plow is turned into the bottom layer.

4, can not be over-application. The application amount is generally less than that of ordinary pig manure, and if it is used in a large amount blindly, it will lead to crops being prolonged and causing a reduction in production.

5, can not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers such as grass ash, lime, etc., otherwise it will reduce the fertilizer effect.

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