Improve the fertility rate of chickens requires a good "four levels"

Breeding chicken breeding

Artificial insemination breeders are caged. Since the range of activities within the cage is small and it is easy to cause fat deposition, it is necessary to strictly limit the feeding amount according to the weight gain condition of the chicken to prevent the formation of fatty liver and the occurrence of prolapse of the anus, otherwise it is not conducive to the extraction of the rooster and the hens. Frenzy infusion.

Breeding and tuning

In addition to the characteristics of breeds, production performance, and good health, the breeder rooster used for artificial insemination must be soft in the abdomen, raise the tail of the biped wings upturned, lift the anus out during massage, and release the cloacal cavity loose and moist. Large cop, erection, good quality cock. In the two weeks before insemination, the proposed rooster should be collected and refined so as to form a good conditioned reflex on the Baoding, massage and ejaculation process, and to understand the sex reflex habits of each rooster. Adjustment usually takes about 7 times.


All appliances that come in contact with artificial insemination must be thoroughly and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to use. The most convenient and effective disinfection method for raising chickens is to boil and the water used must be distilled water. Dry the water after disinfection. Equipment that cannot be boiled and operators' hands can be disinfected with alcohol. Allow the alcohol to fully evaporate before operating.

Semen off

Semen harvesting should be carried out after 3-5 hours of water cut. When semen collection should be based on the sex reflection habits of each cock, grasp the appropriate number of massage and the size of the force. If the massage time is too long or the force is too great, the cock will develop counter-stimulation without sexual reflex, or it will pollute the semen due to defecation and damage to mucous membranes; if the force is too small, the evacuation of the dispenser is not sufficient and it is easy to retract. When the sperm is collected, neither the finger nor the collection cup can touch the dispenser. A cock should be used with a collection cup. After collection, the semen should be combined with a dropper to prevent the unclean semen from affecting the quality of the entire cup. Semen contaminated by feces should be discarded. When collecting sperm in winter, the collection cup must be preheated to 35°C-40°C.

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