Disease prevention and control of earthworms - Hemorrhagic disease

Cause: It is not clear.

Symptoms: The body of the sickened body is black, the oral cavity is reddened, the bottom plate is red, some are not red, the operation is slow, and no feeding is done. In severe cases, there is blood and water leakage from the nose and mouth. Anatomy can be seen: internal organs, muscles, all congestion, throat, neck, intestine was red blood, liver was red earth color, and sometimes accompanied by blood spots. Courage, spleen, kidney are red and black, black lungs.

Prevention: There is no effective treatment and only prevention can be strengthened.

1) Disinfect the culture tank thoroughly before disinfection, and "fish fungus clearance" 7 kg/mu;

2) Strictly quarantine before entering the pond, remove the sickness and isolation observation;

3) Strengthen feeding management;

4) Keep fresh water fresh, and periodically sprinkling it with "Fish Bacteria Cleaner Series Disinfectant" or "Boo-killing". Disinfecting pool water with feeding "Yi Bi Kang", even for 3 days, 2 or 3 times a month; or feeding "strong 103", "strong 99", "four types of agricultural Fu", used for two days.

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