There are many benefits to cotton cows

Cottonseed is an unprocessed oilseed that is separated from cotton fiber. All-cotton contains high-fat, high-protein, and cottonseed shell can protect fat and protein. After the cows eat cotton, they can directly reach the fourth stomach or small intestine through the first stomach and are well absorbed and utilized.

Cotton is generally used in the production of dairy cows, there is no fixed addition, from the test reports, no matter how to add can have a certain effect. According to the experiment, replacing 30% of the soybean meal and 2% of the corn in the concentrate feed with 5% cotton, the results showed that the cows fed the whole cotton had a strong appetite, enhanced digestion, and a higher milk yield than the non-fed cotton. Cattle increased by 1.1%. The use of 5% cotton replaces 5% corn for cows. The results show that cows’ milk production per day increased by an average of 0.05 kg compared to the pre-test period. In the lactating peak period of dairy cows, adding 1 kilogram of cotton per day per day increased 1.73 kilograms of milk production per day and the milk fat percentage increased by 0.15%; the average body weight of dairy cows in the experimental group was 12 kilograms higher than that of the control group; Dairy cows have 30% higher natural estrus rates than cows in the control group.

However, it should be noted that because of the presence of gossypol in the cotton, the excessive feeding amount has a toxic effect on the dairy cow. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the feeding amount of the added amount. Generally, the feeding amount is 1-2 kg per day and no more than 2.5 kg. However, when the total dietary dry matter contains no more than 15% of cottonseed products (cotton seeds or cottonseed cakes, glutinous rice cakes), it is generally not necessary to consider the toxicity of gossypol or the adverse effects of gossypol on reproductive performance.

The dimensions is: Width:500mm*Length:1800m*Thickness:25um.

The 3Fagri Silage Wrap has been manufactured by Zibo Maoyang Industry and Trading CO., LTD in China, using advanced multi-layer co-extrusion blown film technology and equipment.

The silage wrap is a high performance multi-layer blown co-extruded Agricultural Stretch Film, strong and reliable. Benefiting from high tack levels, it maintains a consistent appearance both during and after wrapping. 3Fagri silage wrap is designed for trouble free when wrapping round or large square bales on a variety of forages. It can be used to preserve silage, haylage, maize and other suitable crops on all types of bale wrappers.

To make silage wrap, only 100% virgin raw materials are used. This ensures that silage wrap is more tough stretch plastic and that it wraps wider on the bale providing a better seal and giving you better quality silage.

The 3Fagri silage wrap comes with a 12-month guarantee against UV degradation, features high UV stabilization and provides an airtight and weatherproof shield, when used according to instructions.

The 3Fagri silage wrap is available in Black, Green and White.

Silage Wrap 500Mm

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