Spring fish species should be good

1. Qingtang Pass: Clear pond is used to disinfect ponds with drugs, kill pathogenic bacteria, parasites, wild fish, and Other predator organisms to improve the pond environment, so as to improve the survival rate and feed utilization rate of fish species. Fish grow safely. The method is: extract the water from the fish ponds, dig out too much silt, and repair and reinforce the ponds, plug the loopholes, level the bottom of the pond, and remove the weeds at the bottom and around the pond. 7-10 days before the fish species are stocked. Ground lime 75-100 kg or bleaching powder 3 kg, spilled in the pond, can also be used together. The use of quicklime in addition to killing wild fish and pathogens can also improve the substrate, promote the benign circulation of organic matter, increase the water's fatness, and improve water quality.
Second, the fish species clearance: The fish species to be put in order to be carefully selected, try to enlarge the size of the species, to ensure that in a growing season or within a specified time to reach the product specifications. Fish species require full muscles, thick and short tails, bright body, smooth skin, complete scales, and bright eyes. Physically thin, dark, dull, and injured fish cannot be stocked.
Third, the transport off: In the fish before transporting more than two times to carry out intensive network training, start the day of feeding stopped feeding. During the transportation process, change the water in time and take oxygen increase measures. After reaching the destination, if the temperature difference exceeds 5 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to restock after warming.
Fourth, the time off: fish species should pay attention to an "early" word, in order to make full use of the growth period of fish, generally as soon as possible after the spring thawing, the latest not later than the end of April.
Fifth, the weather is off: When stocking, choose a day when the weather is fine. Remember that rain, snow and windy weather are stocked. Stocking sites should be chosen to shelter the sunny side of the fish ponds. Operation must be careful. Fish must be transported with water when they pass the pond. The fish containers can be placed in the water and tilted so that the fish can swim into the pond on their own, but before they are stocked Disinfect the fingerlings.
Sixth, management: After the drug disinfection of the pond, in the pond before the pond 5-6 days can be injected into the new water, the initial water depth of the fry pool is about 50 cm, one-year-old fish pond is 80 cm -100 cm, two The age of the fish pond is 1 meter to 1.5 meters. When the water is injected, it must be protected against the entry of wild fish, fish eggs, and other predator organisms.


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