Reciprocating the rabbit to calculate the exact time

The main purpose of breeding rabbits is to take skins, followed by meat. Therefore, the quality of rabbit skin directly affects the economic benefits of rabbit breeding. In order to obtain high-quality rex rabbit skin, in addition to having good breeding rabbits and scientific breeding, it is also necessary to understand the retting rules of rex rabbits and calculate the timing of skin retrieval.

First, master the law of hair change

Rex rabbits are divided into age-based and seasonal hair replacement.

1. Age of hair exchange. Occurs in puppies and young rabbits. Thirty to 150 days after the birth of the pups is the first age for hair replacement. According to the author's experience, the skin is most economical after the first age of hair replacement. The second age-based hair replacement was between 170 and 240 days of age, and the hair replacement lasted longer. For example, when the first age-matching is in spring or autumn, the second age-matting is often started immediately.

2. Seasonal hair exchange. Refers to adult rabbits in spring and autumn. The hair replacement in spring is generally from the beginning of March to the end of April, and the hair change in autumn is generally from the beginning of September to the end of November. Differences in climatic conditions between the north and south of China generally vary by about half a month.

Second, strict skinning principle

To accurately grasp the timing of the rabbit's skin removal, we must strictly grasp two principles:

1. Appropriate age: It is to be selected after the first age-matching of young rabbits and before the second age-based moulting, that is, 5 to 6 months of age, when the weight reaches 2.75 kg or so, the skin is slaughtered. Leather area up to 0.11 square meters, in line with grade requirements. From the point of view of fur maturation, it is better to slaughter and take skin after the second age of hair replacement, but it takes more than two months to raise the cost of feeding and management.

2. Timely: Take skin refers to adult rabbits, old rabbits, out of rabbit skin removal time, should be selected in the late winter and early spring period, that is, from the end of November to the next year before March. Because this time to take the skin fur foot, not velvet, high quality and high efficiency.

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