Buying chemical fertilizers should do "four don't"

Nowadays, the spring plowing work is about to begin. The industry and commerce departments of the city of Japan recently inspected the agricultural product market and sealed up a batch of substandard products of the packaging and packaging department of the Huangpu Agricultural Material Wholesale Department.

On February 28th, the reporter followed the law enforcement officers to the Agricultural Materials Wholesale Department and saw two mountainous fertilizers in the warehouse have been sealed. It is understood that this agricultural materials wholesale department has been operating for many years, many products are sold to Huangpu, Tanzhou and other towns.

In the first warehouse, the seized chemical fertilizer was a 50 kg bagged fertilizer. On the outer package, there was an eye-catching product name on the top, followed by the label “Nitrous Nitrogen, Potassium Sulphate,” with a small font above it. Several times the small word reads "net content, CL". “This is misleading consumers.” The staff explained that due to the current commodity prices of compound fertilizers (complex fertilizers) containing potassium sulfate are higher than similar products using potassium chloride as raw materials, and potassium sulfate is applied to southern soil. In order to seek illegal profits, some manufacturers use potassium chloride as raw materials but have potassium sulfate on their outer packaging. At the same time, in order to circumvent state regulations and reduce the responsibility for quality failure caused by excessive chloride ion content in the quality inspection of the regulatory authorities, the label of the outer packaging of the product is marked “containing Cl” or “containing chlorine”.

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