Rice three-control fertilization technology

1. Technical Overview: Three-control rice fertilization technology is a new type of fertilization technology with high yield, stable production, cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness, and improved rice safety. This technology combines soil testing with seedling measurement and coordinates the relationship between high yield, high efficiency, safety, and environmental protection. Has three major advantages: First, high production and stable production, increase production and income. The general increase in yield is 5% to 10%, and the lodging is greatly reduced. The stress resistance is strong and the yield stability is good. The second is the province of fertilizer and medicine, safety and environmental protection. Saving about 20% of nitrogen fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer utilization rate increased by 10%, nitrogen-based non-point source pollution was reduced, diseases and insect pests were reduced, and 1 to 3 times less pesticides were used, which was conducive to rice food safety. The third is simple and practical, wide adaptability. As long as farmers do according to the technical regulations, they can obtain a stable effect of increasing production and income, and the frequency of fertilizer application will generally be reduced. They can be applied under different varieties and different soil and climatic conditions, and the effect is stable.

2, technical points:

(1) Total nitrogen fertilizer control: The total nitrogen application amount is determined according to the target yield and the yield of the nitrogen-free area. Based on the output of the blank area, about 5 kg of nitrogen will be applied for each 100 kg of rice produced. Blank area yields can be determined experimentally or through surveys. The target yield is determined based on the species, soil and climate conditions.

(2) Staged regulation of nitrogen fertilizer: After the total nitrogen application rate is determined, it accounts for 35% to 40% of basal fertilization and mid- tillering (intermediate transplanting to midpoint of panicle differentiation, usually 12 to 17 days after transplanting) accounting for 20 Percentage of about 3%, 3% to 40% of the initial stage of young panicle differentiation, and 5% to 10% of the heading stage, the amount of nitrogen applied at each stage was determined, and the amount of nitrogen was adjusted according to the leaf color before top dressing. The most important feature of this technology is “backward shift of nitrogen fertilizer”, which significantly reduces the proportion of base fertilizer and tiller fertilizer, reduces ineffective tillering, and mainly attacks big spikes under the premise of ensuring the number of panicles, and improves the seed setting rate.

(3) Application of Phosphorus Potassium Fertilizer: The method of constant monitoring is adopted. Based on the yield of non-fertilized white space, each additional 100 kg of rice needs to be supplemented with 2 to 3 kg of phosphate (P2O5) and 4 to 5 kg of potassium (K2O). In the absence of blank area yield data, the application of P and K fertilizers can be determined by the ratio of N: P2O5: K2O =1:0.2~0.4:0.8~1. Phosphate fertilizers were all used as base fertilizers, and potassium fertilizers were applied in half at the tillering stage and the beginning of spike differentiation.

(4) other supporting technologies: a, close planting, ensure the number of basic seedlings. About 18,000 holes are planted or planted per acre, and the number of basic seedlings of hybrid rice reaches 30,000 and conventional rice reaches 60,000. b, timely control of seedlings. When the number of stems reached 80% of the target number of panicles, the field was started and the ineffective control of tillers. But don't re-sunshine. c. Control pests and diseases. Rice fields with three controlled fertilization techniques, such as sheath blight, rice leaf roller, and rice planthopper, are relatively light and may be given less or less pesticides, as appropriate. Others are the same as existing custom technologies.

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