Spleen cough in autumn is careful to eat pears

Those who suffer from diarrhea due to spleen deficiency and wet weight, and those who have cough and sputum, should eat less fruit that leaves the yin to stay wet. Otherwise, the symptoms will be exacerbated. For example, many people know that autumn pears can produce fluid, dryness, heat, phlegm, and hangover. They can be used to treat diseases such as dry cough, thirst, and constipation due to a fever or yin deficiency. They can also be applied to internal heat. The thirst, cough, jaundice embolism. However, because of Sydney's Ziyin, yang deficiency, phlegm and dampness should be eaten less, spleen deficiency and chills should be completely taboo, but the spleen and dampness of Coix seed, white lentils, and phlegm bitter almonds are still available at this time. eat.

People with yang deficiency are also not suitable for eating cold and damp bananas, and any fruits stored in the refrigerator. The autumn diet should be mainly based on warm sun. Humidification should be dampness. People with these two kinds of constitutions may eat carambola, papaya, and peach if they need water supplements. Yang deficiency can also eat dragon fruit, oranges, but dampness, hot and humid are not suitable to eat oranges. Chen Xiuhua said that autumn fruits are apples and are suitable for various constitutions.

In addition, it should be reminded that, apart from the main principle of moisturizing for food, due to autumn gold, taste is pungent, this time the lung qi, eat more spicy food will make the lung gas more Sheng and commit liver injury liver. The main liver acid, should eat more sour fruit, food, etc. to protect the liver.

Autumn moist dry therapeutic side

Autumn pear ice heart drink

Method: Cut the big pear from the neck, cut the core, add 10 grams of crystal sugar, cover it, put it in a small bowl and steam for one hour, and then eat the skin with water. Twice a day, even for three days.

Efficacy: It can treat dryness and cough without constipation and constipation. Also suitable for cold cough, acute bronchitis.

Taboo: Yang qi physique, phlegm constitution eat less.

Five juice drink

Practice: Pear juice, fresh oyster sauce, horseshoe juice, fresh reed root juice, Ophiopogon japonicus juice the same weight, after the exchange and can be cold. Take it twice a day for three consecutive days.

Efficacy: Heat and nourish yin to help dampen phlegm, so it is suitable for fever and other fevers.

Taboo: Yang deficiency, phlegm and dampness eat less

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