Low-fat diet or the key to maintaining a slim body and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease

Release date: 2012-12-11

Recently, in a research report published in the internationally renowned magazine BMJ, the World Health Organization nutrition guidance expert said that a low-fat diet is the key to personal weight loss and maintaining a slim body. This study is important for obese and overweight individuals who are at increased risk of cancer, coronary heart disease, and stroke. The reduction in total fat in food is directly related to lowering individual cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure, which also reveals the beneficial effects of a low-fat diet on the risk of preventing cardiovascular disease.
The study included 33 randomized controlled trials that included information on 73,589 men, women, and children from North America, Europe, and New Zealand. The results of the study showed that a low-fat diet can reduce the individual's weight by 1.6kg, BMI of 0.56kg/m2, and lower waist circumference by 0.5cm. All of these trials have pointed out that weight loss is not the end result, although weight loss is easy, but it is very difficult to maintain for years.
Researcher Lee Hooper said that in every clinical trial we found that people who had a low-fat diet showed a significant reduction in weight loss, and those who had reduced fat had a more pronounced weight loss. The researchers focused on those who reduced their consumption of fat. Of course, the goal was not to lose weight. These people could continue to consume normal amounts of food. The results showed that they actually lost weight, their BMI decreased, and their waistline also shrank. And these people can stay in shape for years. Moreover, the less the amount of fat in the food is taken, the faster the weight is reduced.
Researchers say that lowering the intake of saturated fatty acids can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, so the healthiest way to reduce fat in your diet is to reduce the intake of saturated fatty acids. Staying healthy is not just about fat and weight. It is the beginning of health by reducing fat intake, especially saturated fatty acids. Exercise, less smoking, less alcohol, increased intake of fruits and vegetables, and adequate drinking. Measuring water is essential for us to stay healthy.

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