No-tillage and Covering Cultivation Technology of Winter Potatoes

Variety selection Select suitable early maturing varieties such as Dongpi 303, Zhongshu 3, Kexin 4 and so on. Seed should be germinated, preferably with 1 cm in length. The general selection of 30 grams or so of small seed potatoes is good for sowing whole potatoes. Large seed potatoes should be cut into pieces. Each cut must have at least one robust bud. The incision is more than 1 cm away from the shoots. The shape of the cuts is preferably a tetrahedron to avoid cutting into thin slices. Cuts can be used 50% carbendazim WP 250 ~ 500 times liquid immersed, slightly dry after mixing ash, planting on the next day.

Timely sowing Before planting in the no-tillage paddy fields, press 1.6 meters wide for one compartment, dig trenches, 15 cm wide and 15 cm deep. The digging of the trench should not be piled on the ditch. The surface should be slightly arched to avoid water accumulation. Generally grown grasses and rice bran do not affect the growth of potatoes. If more grasses can be removed, do not use herbicides. Carry 4~5 rows per carton, spacing 30~40 cm, plant spacing 25 cm. Put the seed potatoes on the box, eyes up, leaving 20 centimeters left to sow.

Covering straw potatoes differs from sweet potatoes, which are the bulk of underground stems. Therefore, in the case of suitable temperature and humidity, as long as the base of plant shade, it can grow stolons, and grow potato blocks. Therefore, 8 to 10 cm straw should be evenly covered with potatoes after sowing, and the straw should be covered with the entire car without leaving blank. The thickness of the covering should not be too thick or too thin. If the straw is too thick, not only the emergence of seedlings will be slow, but also the stem base will be slender and weak; if the grass is too thin, it will easily leak light and form green sweet potatoes, which will reduce the quality.

Fertilizer management applies base fertilizer at one time and no fertilizer. The base fertilizer is made up of rotten manure, and the mixture of fire ash or coal ash and ash is directly placed on the seed potato when sowing. The chemical fertilizer is preferably 45% compound fertilizer, and the granular fertilizer is placed in the middle of 2 seed potatoes. Seed next to the seed, but keep a distance of 5 cm or more to prevent bad seed. Newly-covered new grass absorbs less water and is slower, and it is easier to dry so that the potato seedlings are exposed to drought. The trench can be properly irrigated at the appropriate time, and the water layer should be shallow so as not to shift the straw to degree, and drain and drain in time. When the seeds are sown in the autumn, they should be timely and timely. Rainy days should pay attention to drains.

Harvesting methods Overlaying more than 70% of the potato chips on the soil, and picking up the straw can be harvested; a few of the potatoes that grow in the cracks or pores get into the soil but are shallow and easy to excavate. It can also be harvested in stages: the straw will be gently tapped to harvest the long-grown potato chips, and the straw will be covered so that small potatoes can continue to grow.

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