Key Points for Feeding High Product Layers

Feeding high-product breeder hens pillars: (1) high temperature brooding; (2) chick quality; (3) feed nutrition; (4) feeding management; (5) epidemic prevention.

The 42-day weight determines the amount of egg production for a lifetime. The 42-day-old hair removal time (fluff withdrawal) determines the age of opening, ensures the nutritional level of the broiler, and the broiler needs to feed the premix of the broiler chicken to promote bred. The skeletal development of the chicken (84% of iliac bone development at 84 days of age) and abdominal fat deposition (abdominal fat deposition determines the peak height and length); if the body weight is up to standard, 105 days of timely replacement of peak material; achieve production to peak within 40 days The weight, egg weight and egg production rate are three times faster; the metabolic energy level of laying hens is increased (metabolism determines egg production rate), and Hemei (high energy) enzymes can be used to replace oils. Dimensions: improve feed conversion rate, minimize the use of freeze-dried vaccines during egg production, and inject a new-flow dual-link vaccine 2 to 3 months in conjunction with Chinese herbal medicine to reduce disease; in Shandong, good 78-week-old chickens can To reach 45 to 50 pounds, usually 40 to 45 pounds. Protein determines egg weight, increasing egg weight can be achieved by increasing protein levels and feed conversion rates, and raising chickens to improve skeleton development.

Round OT Lamp with camera

The camera system operating lamp can choose standard definition and high definition, the surgical lamp also can choose camera system built in or camera system built out; single dome OT lamp or double dome both can add;for LED operation lamp, the illumination can be adjusted freely in the range of 10%-100%, which can relieve the fatigue of the eyes of doctors who have been operated on for a long time. the spot diameter can adjusted from 150-350mm, to suit diffenent requirments of the surgeon.

Ot Lamp with Camera

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