"Yuanza 9102" became a high-oil peanut variety

On April 9, the reporter learned from the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences that the hospital had cultivated a new high-yield, multi-dwarf, new peanut variety “Yuanzai 9102”, which had been promoted to 14,449,000 mu in China within 6 years, adding new social economic benefits to 24.07. 100 million yuan.

Dr. Zhang Xinyou, a breeder of Yuanza 9102 and a deputy director of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, told reporters that the variety successfully aggregated high-quality, high-yield, multi-resistance, early maturing, and dwarf traits. Its oil content is as high as 57, ranking second in all peanut varieties approved in China and ranking first in small-fruit peanuts. In addition, its comprehensive resistance is outstanding, it can be highly resistant to many common diseases such as bacterial wilt, and it is drought-tolerant and barren-resistant. Because of its low plant height and strong lodging resistance, it is suitable for dense planting and has a high yield. Yuanza 9102 can be planted in Henan, Shandong, Anhui, Hebei, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Liaoning and other provinces. It has become the largest cross-spread peanut interspecific hybrid in the world, and is the best-selling peanut variety in the province in recent years. .

"Yuanza 9102 was bred by crossbreeding cultivars and wild varieties, and it is technically innovative." Zhang Xinyou said that many research institutes now use far-sichuan 9102 as breeding parents or genetic research materials. Promote the application of distant hybridization breeding technology in China.

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