How to prevent corn lodging

To prevent lodging, we must first pay attention to properly deepen the plow. Deep plowing can promote the development of maize roots, increase the number of roots, and deepen the soil. The degree of lodging of the entire plant will also be reduced. Followed by timely cultivation of soil. Maize cultivating soil can make the root system developed, especially after the jointing stage, can make corn produce a large number of support roots. Again, reasonable fertilizer management. Seedlings generally should not be watered, and should not be fertilized, so that the ground above the internode shortened, root deep and wide into the earth. After jointing, the amount of water should not be too large during the jointing, so as to prevent excessive growth in the case of excessive humidity, high temperature and fertilizer, and to implement reasonable close planting. Usually, there are about 4,500 varieties of mulei seedlings and about 3,500 flat varieties. The proper planting or wide and narrow rows of planting methods can improve the individual development of the plant, which is beneficial for alleviating lodging. The fourth is pest control. The prevention and control of pests and diseases such as corn borer and stem rot should be done in time.

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