Onion field weed control technology

In recent years, due to the adjustment of the crop structure, the cultivated area of ​​the wheat onion crop has increased rapidly. Since the scallion is sown after seeding is slow, the young seedlings are small, the growth is slow, and it is vulnerable to weeds. The weeds firstly affect the emergence of scallions, and then it competes with the onion seedlings to compete for water, competes for fertilizer and wins light during the whole seedling period, causing severe onion seedlings. Large area of ​​death. The Department of Horticulture of Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College promoted 13.3 hectares of wheat onion rotation cultivation in Fugou County and carried out special research on it. Summarizes the prevention and control techniques of weeds in welsh onions.

1 Kinds of Weed Field Weeds

1 荠, alias leeks, leeks, crucifers, quintessence or annual herbaceous plants, mainly overwintering onions.

2 Portulaca oleracea, alias Ma Cai, Ma Zi Cai, Ma Ma Cai, Huo Jiao Cai, Pi Chang Cao, Dioscorea chinensis, Portulaceae, annual succulent herbaceous plants, returning to green shoots mainly in early spring.

3, alias Alias ​​gray vegetables, gray vegetables, Polygonaceae, annual herb, mainly in the spring hazard return green shallot.

4 crabgrass, alias fork grass, claw grass, grass roots, grasses, annual herbaceous plants, mainly harmful to spring onions and spring onions.

5 Setaria viridis, alias dog hair grass, green green foxtail, green foxtail grass, grass, annual herbaceous plants, mainly endangering spring onions and spring onions.

6 goosegrass, alias valerian, grass, annual herbaceous plant, mainly harmful to green onions and spring onions.

7 Zou Guojun, alias green pheasant, wild pheasant, Polygonaceae, annual herbaceous plant, harm returning green onion seedlings, spring onions and spring onions.

8 tweed grass, alias mosquito grass, star grass, gramineous, annual herb, the main damage onions and autumn sowing shallots.

2 Control Technology

2.1 completely remove field weeds before sowing

During the crop management period of the upper reaches, we strengthened weeding and weed control, combined the use of manual weeding and chemical weed control, and paid particular attention to removing weeds from the headland gap before the weed seeds had matured, further reducing weed seeds that might enter the field. After harvesting crops, paraquat was sprayed to completely remove field weeds.

2.2 Pre-emergence control of weeds in the seedbed after sowing

After sowing, the scallion was sprayed with 50% acetochlor EC 80 to 120g per 667 m2 for pre-emergence closure. Note that if mulching is used, the amount of mulching is halved. Prevention of sprouting weeds in the green onion seedbed.

2.3 Prevention and Control of Weeds in Seedlings after Sprouting of Onion

After the green onions turn green, they can be sprayed with 5% of quercetin emulsifiable concentrate 10ml+Kekuile ​​EC 5ml to control weeds. It is important to pay attention to the amount of herbicide. Under this amount, onion sprouts may appear to slow down within a week, but the effect is not significant. Seedlings with 4 to 6 leaves are removed manually.

2.4 Prevention and cure of field weeds after planting

After the planting, the onion seedlings grow rapidly, and we must pay attention to the types and doses of herbicides in order to avoid phytotoxicity. In the onion ditch, spray 5% of the fine grass jelly emulsifiable concentrate 20 to 30 ml per 667 square meters to prevent grass weeds. Broad-leaved weeds are generally removed manually.

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