How to give beans to "pock point"

“Mr. Wang, I’m just looking for something for you. What's wrong with the bean's long pock's idea? This kind of bean can't be bought on the market, so we have to get it back and we don’t know if we have a solution.” "" I just entered the office of Boda food factory, Xiao Hu just like to say hello. Soon after a few strains of pods to be processed were taken from the processing workshop, there were many oval or near-circular lesions on the pods, with brownish to pinkish edges, and some of them overflowed with pink viscous material. Uplift.

"This is cowpea anthracnose, which is one of the important diseases of cowpea, and it is also a common disease. It can occur from the seedling stage to the harvest stage. The aboveground parts can all suffer damages, mainly harm the stem vines, and can also harm the cotyledons and seedlings of cowpea. Stems, leaves, petioles, pods and seeds have a great influence on the quality and yield of cowpea.” The author observed carefully.

"The occurrence of this disease is mainly caused by excessive rainfall in the early stage, high temperature, plus a positive value during the crusting period, excessive planting, and inadequate ventilation and ventilation."

The author proposes that for cowpea anthracnose, it can be controlled by spraying with 600 times liquid of green sage 2, 1000 times of Jinggangmycin and 120-150 times of agricultural anti-120 water agent. With Bordeaux mixture 1:1:200, 0.5% garlic juice, copper soap water solution 1:4: (400-600) times the liquid also has a certain effect. When the scarring period occurs, it is necessary to promptly use chemicals to prevent 1-2 times, each time between 5-7 days. The following one or two kinds of agents can be used for rotation control: 25% SPK Emulsion 1000-1500 times, 80% DHS M-45 WP 500 times, 70% Run Dry 600-800 times, 80% Penco WP 600 times, 78% Cobo WP 600 times, 70% Antai WP 600-800 times, 25% Carbon WP 500 times, 75% 100% Bacteria clear wettable powder 600 times liquid.

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