Single element fertilizer identification method

In order to guarantee the quality of spring plowing, the Shanxi Agricultural Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade carried out counterfeiting activities in the county and proposed the following methods for the identification of single element fertilizers: The most common counterfeit nitrogen fertilizers on the market, such as fake urea , apply the following methods to identify:

1. The appearance of urea is white translucent particles, the surface is non-reflective; and ammonium nitrate particles have obvious color and reflective surface; Polyol is opaque milky white particles, no color nor reflective.

2. The feel of urea is smooth, loose, and has no wet feeling; Ammonium nitrate is smooth but it has a wet tidal feeling; while the polyol is loose and free of moisture, it is not very smooth.

3. The fire burns three kinds of substances on burned wood charcoal or iron plates respectively. The urea melts, emits white smoke, and smells of ammonia. The ammonium nitrate burns violently and emits strong light and white smoke. "Sound; Polyols decompose and burn, but no ammonia.

The single-element phosphorus fertilizers circulated on the market are mainly calcium sulphate. The counterfeit substances that have been found include: phosphogypsum, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer, waste cement slag, brick and tile powder. The main method of identification is as follows:

1. Appearance: Calcium is a loose, gray powder with acidity; Phosphogypsum is an off-white hexagonal columnar crystal or crystalline powder, with no sour taste; The color of calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer is grayish green or grey brown, with no sour taste; Dry glassy fines or fine powders; waste cement slag is gray, non-glossy, with a hard block, coarse powder, no sour taste; brick powder blue color, coarse powder, no sour taste.

2. The texture of the hand-applied calcium is heavy and the hand feels greasy. The texture of the phosphogypsum is light, and the feel of the cotton is relatively light. The texture of the calcium-magnesium-phosphate-phosphate is heavy. The hand feels cotton and is relatively dry. The waste cement slag is heavy, not dry, and has hard cement slag. Existence; brick powder feels astringent, not dry, brick residue exists.

3. Water-soluble general calcium is partially soluble in water; phosphogypsum is completely soluble in water; calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer is insoluble in water; and waste cement powder and brick tile slurry precipitate in the presence of water.

4. If the following phenomenon occurs in the identification of phosphate fertilizer, it can be concluded that there are obvious impurities such as clods, stones, coal gangue, etc. in the inferior quality product. If the acidity is too strong and the moisture is large, it is not matured. Qualified non-finished products; If the color is found dark, feel astringent, hair, for fake fly ash.

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