Effect of vitamin deficiency on sow reproduction

In general, sows suffer from reproductive problems. Most people find causes in infectious diseases. The most important cause of sow reproductive failure in infectious diseases, but the role of nutrition can not be ignored, the impact of common vitamin deficiency on sow reproduction is as follows for your reference

Lack of VE is not easy to estrus.

Lack of VB12 litter size was significantly reduced and piglet viability was reduced.

Lack of VB2 is not estrus, reproductive disorders. Follicular atrophy, oocyte degeneration.

Lack of VK3 abortion, stiff gait, and umbilical cord bleeding in newborn piglets.

Lack of pantothenic sow infertility, ovarian atrophy, abnormal uterine growth, fatty liver,

Lack of biotin dermatitis, hoof disease, reproductive disorders.

Embryonic death occurs when folic acid is fed to sulfa drugs.

The lack of choline has a low conception rate and low birth rate.

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