Ten common taste moon cakes teach you healthy choices

1. Lotus paste moon cake

Lianrong moon cake is the most common moon cake on the market. It is thin, oily, loose, smooth, sweet and sweet. It is a classic variety of moon cakes. Legend has it that in the Yuan Dynasty, the lotus-shaped moon cake was used as a means of transmitting secret messages, and it was precisely because the emperor did not find the mooncakes in the moon cakes by the Mongols. Only then did the successful uprising establish the Ming Dynasty.

According to the raw materials of fillings, lotus root can be divided into pure lotus root and ordinary lotus root. In addition to sugar and fat, pure lotus root and moon fillings are all lotus seeds, while ordinary lotus roots can be added to other starches such as beans as raw materials. In addition to pure lotus-seed moon cakes, manufacturers generally add one or more egg yolks. This is called moon cake. The lotus root moon cakes with egg yolks are even more delicious, and to a certain extent, they reduce the sweetness of a single lotus paste.

From the filling of lotus root moon cakes, it is not difficult to find that from the perspective of nutrition, the classic lotus root moon cake is not a healthy food. It is rich in sugar and calories. The addition of egg yolk greatly increases the animal fat and cholesterol content of moon cakes. Older people, diabetics, and friends with "three highs" and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay attention to "digging and licking" when enjoying delicious lotus root moon cakes, and must not increase the burden on the body by greed.

2. Chestnut moon cake

There are many similarities between the chestnut moon cake and the lotus root moon cake. The difference is that the chestnut moon cake uses chestnut as the main ingredient of the filling, and the taste is different from that of lotus root.

Chestnut is rich in starch, but its fat content is lower than other nuts and is relatively healthier. In addition chestnut also contains a full range of mineral elements, moon cakes made from chestnut as a raw material, can be described as suitable for all ages. Such moon cakes are simple, affordable but sweet, and are a good choice for the general public.

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