Sweet potato production of rice wine technology

Rice wine is rich in nutrition and is a good condiment for ideal low-drink beverages and cooking dishes. The following describes the production of sweet potato wine.

1. 50 kg of fresh sweet potato, 50 grams of Chinese pepper and fennel seeds, 5 kg of distiller's yeast or wheat koji, 1 mouth water tank, 1 sting rod, and 1 bean curd pocket.

2. Wash and cook the sweet potatoes, cool them and pour them into the jars. Use long sticks to pound into mud.

3, first pepper, fennel seeds mixed with water 22.5 kg into the pot, boil with the fire, and then use a low heat for 30 minutes. Then, the meat is crushed and poured into the cylinder together with the cooled prickly ash and fennel seed water, and is stirred into a thin porridge with a stick, covered with a plastic cloth, sealed at the cylinder head, and placed in a warm house at about 25°C. Stir once every 1-2 days.

When there are bubbles in the wine slurry overflowing, and other bubbles disappear and then repeatedly stirred, there is a clear wine sauce floating on the wine, while there is a strong taste of yellow wine. At this point, the fermented wine pulp should be immediately moved into a cold room or outdoors to allow it to cool naturally (its temperature is 0°C-5°C). After a day, the fermented wine pulp is put into a pocket, placed on a pot, squeezed to remove slag, and then clarified. Using this method, 35 kilograms of rice wine can be prepared for every 50 kilograms of sweet potatoes. Distillers can also be used as pig feed.

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