New technology makes small X-ray lasers possible

Release date: 2007-05-25

New technology makes small X-ray lasers possible Recently, a research team at Colorado State University, Boulder, has developed a new technology that produces laser-type X-ray beams, eliminating the need to explore the desktop for decades. A major obstacle in the X-ray laser process. The team's leader in JILA (the association between the University of New York's Boulder Campus and the National Bureau of Standards), Henry Kapteyn and Margaret Murnane, professor of physics at Boulder Campus, University of California, said that for nearly half a century, scientists have been Trying to create an X-ray laser that is reasonably priced and acceptable in size to provide ultra-high image resolution. Most of the current X-ray lasers require huge amounts of energy. The fusion laser device alone is as big as a football field, making its use impractical. Professor Kapteyn said: "We finally found a way to avoid such a huge amount of energy." They published an article on the subject in the online edition of the Journal of Natural Physics. If they continue to develop this new technology and extend it to the hard X-ray region of the electromagnetic spectrum (they think this is only a matter of time, because there are no physical barriers to the principle problem), then the result will be Used in many fields. ——Excerpt from the medical economic report

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